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  1. We’re soooo lucky to be getting such a fantastic re-presentation of Eastman & Laird’s last issue together… Man, I love this issue and wish the whole “City At War” arc looked like this issue (no disrespect meant to Jim Lawson)…

  2. I’m tempted not to buy this in the hope that an absolute style hardback comes out containing the whole city at war story. It seems like a wierd idea to just release the first part of an arc and not reprint the rest. Is there anymore of the city at war story on its way?
    And is this Treasury Edition going to be Treasury size (huge)?

    • Not sure about the size of this one as it hasn’t shown up from DCBS and my LCS sold out quick, but the reason it’s getting the deluxe treatment is because it’s the last issue of Eastman & Laird and it’s going to have a ton of extras (and if you’ve ever read the TMNT Artobiography you know Eastman doesn’t skimp)…

      Although, you may be right to wait as I have little doubt that the entire “City at War” arc will be collected in the IDW TMNT Ultimate Collection 5 once that get solicited. Vol 4 ended with the “Shades of Grey” story from 48-49 and all the odd issues with other artists are getting colored and collected in the TMNT Classics trades. And c’mon, man, don’t you want to see Walt Simonson, Todd Mcfarlane, and others drawing the guys in a pin-up section???

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