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SuperMoore08/31/08NoRead Review
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  1. What?!? I thought this ended already. What is going on???

  2. It’s always been a six issue mini.

  3. Awesome. I thought this was over too. Must have been the huge delay & no continuing plot. Hard to know when a series of (what feels like) one-shots ends, unless it stops coming out, like it did.

    I love this book, I wish they would make it an ongoing with this exact same creative team.

  4. @WadeWilson – I’ll second that! At this point I would much more enjoy a Teen Titans: The Early Years, or Untold Teen Titans than any of the titles currently available.

    I’m wondering, was the delay due to the untimely death of one of the artists or inkers on the project? I thought I read that someone involved in this project had died right after issue one released…?  

  5. @AirDave – I hope not, mate. I have no idea though. I’m with you about this book being better the main Teen Titans book right now, I tried to stick with it after Johns left, but it was pretty brutal to read.

  6. So I just read this the last issue and I got to be honest it felt like half a fart through a broken nose.


    I loved every issue of this series  and this issue felt rushed and paced very quickly with a "well thats that" resolution. It took me like 30 seconds to read and I went back and read it another time just incase I missed something but I got to say I really want another 6 issues. Let’s give a year one story some justice with 12 issues.

  7. I completely agree with iiiplace, I read this issue during a commercial break and still saw half the ads… This was a great mini-series but what a disappointing end…

  8. Jup, same here very fast read. I am a little bit concerned about Batman texting Robin…

  9. This was so dissappointing. I love the series and want more, but what the hell was that? Really weak ending.

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