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As the hunt for Raven rages on, the Teen Titans must survive against a world bent on killing them. They’re in the Wyld country now, and the rules have all changed. Meanwhile, Bombshell and Aqua Girl must battle in the belly of the beast!

Plus, Traci 13 and Black Alice face off against one another! Is there anything Zatara can do to stop them from pushing the fight too far?

Co-feature written by REX OGLE
Art and cover by JOS

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. Enjoying the "co-feature" more than the "feature" these days.  How many times must we hunt for Raven?

  2. Is this the last Henderson issue or is it next month?  Seems like they announced her finally leaving months ago, but they just keep coming…

  3. Issue 87 is the last Henderson.  Next next month.  I don’t think this storyline has been that bad, but I do enjoy the back-up more.  At least they’re doing 20 pages of main story and 10 pages of backup, that’s cool.

  4. UGGGH Worst news I’ve gotten all week.

  5. I went back through the Teen Titans portion and literally every single panel has words in it.  So many of the panels didn’t need anything, so we wind up 60’s era saying-what-you’re-doing word balloons going on.  So awful…

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