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  1. I loved that Titans tie-in issue, and I loved BN Titans, so JT Krul is okay in my book.  I just can’t get on board with the current Teen Titans.  This’ll be something I’ll have to grab then run to the cash register before I convince myself to put it back.

  2. I’ve not been a fan of Teen Titans since Johns left the book, but I’ll check this out Krul was pretty good on the Titans mini.

  3. skipping this 1 I’m OD’n on BN

  4. I’ve not been a huge fan of the Teen Titans for a long while.  It was definitely around the time Robin left.  However, I liked this tie in.  Ravager is one of my favorites and I liked that this was ALL about her and Deathstroke.

  5. Interesting. Not a Teen Titan in sight. It’s fun to see how the Rogues react to this even, so for that I enjoyed it. This wasn’t anything special, but I enjoyed it. 3/5 for me.

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