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  1. ew

  2. I like Fringe.

  3. I love FRINGE so I think it’s time for me to try this book… again.

  4. It’s actually been A VAST improvement over the past few months. The aimlessness and lack of character-direct the book seemed to suffer after Johns left has ebbed significantly. 

  5. No…. just, no.  Not good, dude. 

  6. As someone who has been a huge Titans fan since the 1980’s Perez run, I have really have lost all enjoyment for this Titans book. The stories just seem to be all over the place with no real direction. I think my most enjoyable Titans read now is Tiny Titans!

  7. I really think DC needs to consider a major shakeup with the Titans books (other than Tiny Titans– which is perfect).  Perhaps they should cancel Titans and Teen Titans, and let the Titans characters take a rest for a couple of years– in much the same way Marvel did with Thor.  Then, come back with a new writer/artist team in a couple of years, who has something to say, somewhere to go, with the characters.

  8. I thought this was pretty okay. As of now, though, the only thing thats keeping me reading is the Ravager co-feature, so if this doesn’t improve by the time it’s over, I think it’s dropped. Still, 3/5.

  9. It’s crap.

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