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  1. I’m hoping the new writer can infuse some much needed energy into this book. It’s been treading water for months. 

  2. I actually think the last few issues have been excellent, but I see what you’re saying.

    More excited for the Ravager co-feature than the main story.

  3. I’d probablypull this if I could remember a single thing that happened last issue…

  4. This is sitting right next to the chopping block. I hope this new team is good.

  5. @kwisdumb, the Ravager co-feature is the only thing I’m digging at this point. 

    Being a big Titans fan, I’ve noticed it’s always when you get rid of "Robin" the book starts to suck. When Nightwing left back in the 90’s it was horrible, now it’s happening in this book with Tim gone and in Titans with Dick gone.  

  6. Wow…

    The main story was absolutely terrible. 1/5.

    However, the Ravager back-up was a solid 3/5 – 3.5/5

    I went with a 2/5 overall on this, but I may just have to drop if things don’t improve by the time this Ravager co-feature ends.

  7. The Ravager story was better, but I like the Titans team. Hate the art and the writing varies. Not so great here.

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