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  1. Another one of the books that got the cut.  Such a great premise, but you take away every one of the original titans except WonderGirl (the least interesting).  What’s left to read about?  Kid Eternity.  Who was much better as a Vertigo character.

  2. I enjoyed this ish. Not alot happened, but I like everyones interactions. I think the new team will be kinda cool. And the Origins & Omens back up was very interesting, I wonder whos got a bun in the oven. **SPOILER***And I wonder if Bart will make his return since he is now in the land of the living, and not an adult anymore.

  3. This issue was the first great one in a long time! I’m definitely looking forward to where this is going.

  4. Wonder Woman’s O&O pretty much confirms that Cassie will be playing the role of teen mom. I just don’t know what to think about that.

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