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  1. Wonderdog!!! So awesome. Now if someone would just bring back Ace the Bathound and they could do a league of superpets

  2. Yikes…that sure was an abrupt change in the status quo.

  3. i’m dropping this book. It hasn’t been good for a long, long time and this is just the last straw. i’m fine with horrible deaths in comics, hell i loved the death of Osiris that they so smarily referenced from 52 and Martian Manhunter’s recent death. which, while shocking, felt right. This just feels like a cheap way to get some attention and fuck that.

  4. When I saw this cover I wanted to drop the book too. I haven’t enjoyed the new characters. But I’ve been reading Teen Titans forever and I picked this up. 


    This is one of the most shocking Teen Titans stories I’ve read in a long time! I was screaming in disbelief!

    Now I’m dying for the next issue and I was SO close to dropping the title. EVIL FUN!  

  5. Don’t drop it yet. Get this issue, then judge.

  6. This was the best issue of the year! was so awesome!!

  7. Shocking yes–very sad at the same time.

  8. Yeah, I was pretty unamused untill the last, like, 5 pages

  9. I dropped this book months ago.  Then I thumbed through it through the store.  It shall stay dropped.  Talk about gratuitous.  This is one of those team books that seems to exist just to A.) break the team apart, and B.) kill people for no good reason other than there’s a lot of them, so why not off a few?  Key-rap.

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