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In the aftermath of their battle with Superboy, the Teen Titans make a horrifying discovery: Kid Flash has been knocked out of synch! If they are going to save their teammate, the badly beaten and battered teens need to sneak into the New York branch of S.T.A.R. Labs – which means that this issue guest-stars none other than Virgil Hawkins, a.k.a. Static!

But if the team was hoping to use the lab for some downtime, they are going to be disappointed, because now they must battle a new, young team of supervillains known only as 2.0!

All this and the debut of Kid Flash’s new costume!

Art and cover by BRETT BOOTH and NORM RAPMUND
Variant cover by BRETT BOOTH and NORM RAPMUND

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.2%
Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. This, I would submit, counts among the purest examples of Fun Comics in the New 52 line-up.

    I am enjoy.

  2. CJ- I am with you on this, just an all around good old fashioned super hero team book!! Action, drama, story, and very good artwork; can’t wait till Wednesday as well to read.

    Coming from the back of my brain somewhere: WAIT A MINUTE, WAIT A MINUTE, STATIC?? Oh NO, NO, NO, he is going to kill this book!!

    Kid Flash in a real costume will be good and after Superboy leaves them lying there in a messy pile lets see how they get this team formed and well see if Tim leads the group which would be my guess. (I REALLY HOPE STATIC IS NOT STAYING ON BECAUSE HIS BOOK IS CANCELLE!!) Did anyone else hear that?? Never mind. Go Teen Titans!! This is a fine read for anyone that wants to read some comics you won’t be disappointed with this title.



  3. “the debut of Kid Flash’s new costume!”
    All I can say is about time… I got sore from all the cringing at what he wore up until now..

  4. Ever since issue #4 I have come to really like this book. I mean it’s not there yet to be as stable in my boundries but it’s getting there.

  5. Great comic.

    Regarding Static, I think that at some point he will become part of the team, especially because his series got cancelled. Wheter thats good or bad depends on the writing.

  6. This book is getting me excited about The Ravagers book coming out. I like Teen Titans but I think it could be better. Hopefully The Ravagers can fill some of the holes left behind by Teen Titans.

  7. So I’ll just ask: where’s beast boy & raven?

    Love everything else about this book, and I freaking love Brett Booth,
    But how sweet would this be with static, bb, & raven?
    Or maybe send bb, raven, static, & hawk & dove to ravengers as soon as some get killed off.

  8. It appears to be a orange colored Beast Boy over at The Ravagers and so I hear that Raven is coming to The Titans book.
    Static can go some where else all together like maybe a shelf, he does not belong in either of these titles.


    • the titans book? there’s gonna be a titans, teen titans, & ravangers book?

    • Doesn’t belong? He meets the SINGLE criteria for being apart of this book: being a teen.

    • RACIST!!! Just look at this thread. 2 K’s in the first comment with the second comment adding the third K! That’s KKK MOFO!!!! Plus, harping on Static Shock for no apparent reason, he’s not even on the team and this guy is losing his mind! Plus, Flash923, pretty clever but Ive deciphered your little code buddy. 9 2 3… 9+2=11. The eleventh letter in the alphabet is guess what? K! (9+2=K) x 3= KKK!!! Holy shit, right?

    • JesseG- What in the name of…….are you talking about? My first name starts with a K and must be kidding; racist? I really hope you are joking, that is really not cool at all and probably the strangest thing I have seen on here ever? I accidentaly hit the K twice on my first comment and that is that, I used to type JUST SAYIN’ after all my comments and I got sh#t for that so I just use my intial to sign off. WOW!! WOW!! I am really just…..perplexed…..I guess, or confused?? I am sorry if that is all you got out of my comments.
      4.5 rating for this issue and I kinda liked the way Virgil was portrayed in this title, I can handle him as a back up character and kind of the tech and brain guy for the group. If the group really ever forms officially, seems like Cassie is fighting it all the way. The artwork continues to be wonderful and the action is really top notch every issue.


    • I’m sorry… I was just being a dick… Honestly Flash, sometimes your comments crack me up. I dont know why exactly, maybe just the way you structure your sentences or something. Anyway, after i reread what I wrote I was positive that creepy lookin bald guy was going to delete it. So I guess I shouldnt write things that i expect to get deleted, I think that is considered being a troll.

      I think I took a little umbridge because I have a soft spot for static shock. His first issue along with a venom comic were the first 2 comics i ever bought when i was in sixth grade. And although I stopped reading comics for more than ten years around eighth grade, I always held onto fond memories of Static and the whole Dakota imprint, actually. Come to think of it, when I was a kid I remember thinking Danny Glover was cooler than Mel Gibson. And Mike Deveraux was my favorite Oriole, not Cal Ripken. I just realized that I might be a reverse racist. I gotta go.

    • @JesseG- No worries my friend! I thought it was a prettty creepy yet very entertaining thing you did. It was like a conspiracy theory thing or something, and you really put some seriuos thought into it. So I guess we both cracked each other up, and my sentence structure in comment format usually runs all over the place. It’s kinda like bable and what ever thoughts pop into my head at the time, not really thought out very well some times and others I role with it. I have been reading for over 30 years and really only had a small break in the 90’s of about year where I did not watch or read anything comic book related. I really stuck to the major DC titles and never ventured out of the box back then. Static to me just seems to kiddish because I first saw him on that cartoon show and did not like it maybe thats why he bothers me? Anyway to quote Danny G, “I am getting to old for this shit!”


    • Crap sorry wrong formula: (11+22)=(33)-(40)=7


  9. This book has really drawn me in. I was unsure of it at first, but now I get really excited when it comes out. I’m curious to see what the crossover with Legion Lost is going to be like, that title keeps getting better too

  10. I came to this title for the Brett Booth art, but the story’s been a blast as well. This is sort of like the Avengers Academy of the DCU. I hope this team sticks around for a long run on this title.

  11. I must be one of the few people who don’t like Brett Booth’s art. I turned me off on JLA and now this title.

    Just not for me.

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