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  1. This title overall have been getting less and less interesting. Ity’s like no one knows what to do with these characters anymore. I’m dropping this title all together. How many Evil titan teams can one take? Terror titans, Titans West… at least the titans from the furture were kind of interesting. Oh well.

  2. Here’s hoping the next issue pays off, because this arc has been pretty uninteresting.  I think this series might need a couple one-shot stories in a row to get things moving again and having some fun out there.

  3. I am really digging this arc.  It’s the best that McKeever has done with the title, which, admittedly, isn’t saying a lot.  Plus, it ties into FINAL CRISIS.

  4. I got a Question concerning "Boss Dark Side". Is he actually "THE" Dark Side or is he someone else ?

    And didn’t Dark Side died recently? I’m officially confused…

  5. @ spooky – yeah, there are all of the new god people who are supposed to be dead, right? maybe that is one of those things that would have been answered if i kept reading The Death of the New Gods. Its confusing me too.

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