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Wonder Girl has come to New York City to find Red Robin and fill him in on what she’s learned about N.O.W.H.E.R.E., but it turns out she’s going to have to go through the mysterious Superboy first!

As two of DC’s most powerful young metahumans battle over the streets of Times Square on New Year’s Eve, Red Robin assembles his team to help Wonder Girl.

Art and cover by BRETT BOOTH and NORM RAPMUND

Price: $2.99
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  1. This has been one of the most underated comics of 2011, it is a stretch from the feel of the ol’ Teen Titans however; it is a fresh feeling.


    • Agreed, it is good but it’s still not up to par with Batman/Aquaman/Justice League/Wonder Woman/Flash quality wise… I enjoy it but I can shake the feeling that it could be better.

      I miss the old Red Robin though… 🙁

    • I only read one issue of the ol’ TT when it was a cross over with the Red Robin book and it annoyed me to bits. I miss the Red Robin book too, and this is in no way a replacement for that, but I still like how the book is starting. Hopefully we can see more of the old Tim when the team is formed and there is some more interaction with the Bat family.

    • Yeah, a Nightwing/Red Robin team-up book would be orgasmic! 😀

  2. While the art is retro, I do like it a ton. This is another book that I cannot wait to see gel and have the team all together. Maybe once we see more of them, we’ll get more engaged.

  3. As a new-to-DC comic reader, I can definitely say I’m enjoying the series with my only background info being the Teen Titans cartoon I watched growing up.

  4. Fun book, getting better every issue.

  5. This series has been going strong and I am suprised.

  6. It’s no replacement for a Red Robin solo title, but as long as Tim Drake is written well, I will buy this book. Lobdell is doing a fairly good job with the other characters, as well–definitely not on the same level as “Animal Man” or “Swamp Thing,” but a solid mid-tier superhero book.

  7. Man, talk about a good time. Great relationships, awesome action, and a killer final page. These Titans have got it together.

  8. I’m gonna check Teen Titans out this week. How’s that for resolution ?

  9. There was some randomness in this issue, but it was really fun to read. Did anybody else think Superboy looked just like Tim Drake?

  10. The artwork is very classic and there is so much fun and serious action in this I am digging it! What was with the whole street level moved up to like the 14th floor or some sh#t? That was weird and kinda of lost me?? What was that all about?
    Anyway other than that the Red Robin – Kid Flash banter was fun and the fight scene between S and W was out standing!


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