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The fan-favorite anti-hero from AVENGERS: INITIATIVE explodes into his own mini-series! Taskmaster has trained hench-thugs for every terrorist organization and criminal cartel in the Marvel Universe. So when the rumor starts that he’s turned traitor and now works for STEVE ROGERS, a billion-dollar bounty is put on his head, and every cadre of costumed fanatics — A.I.M., Hydra, Ultimatum, the Sons of the Serpent, everyone — looks to collect. Now Taskmaster has to fight hordes upon hordes of his psychopathic students while at the same time figuring out who framed him — which requires him figuring out who he really is! That’s right, the man with the photographic reflexes has no memory of his true identity — and you’ll learn the unexpected truth along with him! The action-packed SECRET ORIGIN of Taskmaster begins here, courtesy of New York Times bestselling writer Fred Van Lente (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, INCREDIBLE HERCULES, MARVEL ZOMBIES) and acclaimed artist Jefte Paolo (DOCTOR VOODOO)!

WRITER: Fred Van Lente

Price: $3.99
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  1. I hope this is done well. I am starting to really like the Taskmaster.

  2. Oiy… Really?  Another Marvel hero with "no memory of his past."  Sheesh.  I liked Tasky until I read that.

    Also – this should have a guest appearance by Deadpool if Marvel really wants me to buy it.

  3. Speaking of Deadpool, anybody real Gail Simone’s run on DP and Agent X? Tasky really got fleshed out in that book, with (I might add) a cooler costume.

    Looking forward to this. Aside from not really getting Hercules, Van Lente can do no wrong in my book.

  4. This is so far up my alley, my breath smells like news print. Love Tasky! Dig Van Lente! Don’t know Palo. Making the trip to l.c.s. on wednesday to secure my copy.

  5. @Grandturk I skipped reading the solicit so I had missed that. You are making me start rethinking buying this.

  6. @CaseyJustice agent X and classic deadpool is want made me really like task master. I really liked the artwork for agent x and the design for taskmaster.

  7. Well this was a huge pile of fun.  It didn’t take itself too seriously and I loved it for that reason. 

  8. Agreed, this was good fun.

  9. Fun stuff. 

  10. The best was the reveal of the Black Choppers face and Tasky’s response. Classic.

  11. Nothing new, but really really good at being what it is. Tons of fun.

  12. Really starting to like Van Lente… might have to go find some of his older stuff.

  13. Probably the only character who I buy the doesn’t remember his past bit.

  14. Amnesia is perhaps not the most original of plot devices, but I think Van Lente’s handling of it in this story was quite interesting. I got the impression that Tasky’s lost his memory from the sheer volume of data on fighting mechanics pushing out everything else – that’s kind of a nice twist on his powers.

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