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  1. More Tank Girl? What the hell is this one about? Help, please? I boght three of the most recent comics, but that series was just a bunch of madness that- ended. The art was fantastic, and I wanted more!

  2. I’m really looking forward to this! Every time a book comes out it helps to erase a little of the memory of that god-awful film.

  3. The film had potential in the beginning but by the end I was lost and bored. I picked up a trade of the original Tank Girl miniseries that started it all and despite how hard I tried I just couldn’t get into it (the same goes for Scud). I think being that I was a kid in the 90s when all the GenX/grunge/extreme crap was going on I just didn’t connect with the feel of the book. I was tempted to check out the last IDW miniseries but the price and sting of the original series (which I didn’t much care for the art, although I love Ashley Wood) kept me away. I will look at this one when I pick up my books this week and see if they have the other one by IDW as well and maybe give them a shot. Am I just missing something??? I really want to like this series.

    @Eyun: I thought of another great horror/comedy book from Image called Crawlspace. It just finished its 4 issue arc called XXXombies and is an ongoing anthology of stories much like Tales from the Crypt in a way. The basic premise of XXXombies if you can’t already guess involves porn, the 70s and zombies. What a great combo.

  4. @comicdork37: I just love the character of Tank Girl, and I know I’m in a minority, but I eat up anything Hewlett (a mad genius) throws our way on this title. Again, probably just me, but I love it. Odd to think now that Naomi Watts’ first hollywood role was as Jet Girl in the (awful) movie.

    I don’t think you’re just missing something, dude. I have to admit it’s one of those titles I love but can’t explain why. It’s just a kind of sit-back-and-enjoy book, no matter how odd it gets… kind of like a Troma movie. It’ll be odd, and you’ll be confused, but hopefully you’ll have had enough fun to stick around.

    By the way, LOVED Screamland!!! Absolutely freakin’ awesome. Just waiting on Hack/Slash to arrive. Really appreciate the tip, dude, another great book I’d have missed if it weren’t for this site. Based on your previous suggestions I’ve ordered Crawlspace! THANK YOU, MATE! 🙂

  5. @Eyun: I like your Troma analogy. I have all the Toxic Avenger flicks and a few other random Troma flicks. They are so bad that they are good. I especially like Cannibal the Musical by Matt Stone and Trey Parker (the creators of South Park) which was their first flick.

    Tank Girl is one of those characters that I love the look and idea of but just can’t get into the books. Others like this are Scud and Madman among others off the top of my head.

    I understand you liking Tank Girl without being able to explain why. I am the same way with anything that Sam Kieth does. The Maxx is my favorite comic of all time but I have no idea why. Regardless, I pick up everything he puts out even if I can’t follow the story (like his recent stuff such as Ojo and My Inner Bimbo) just because its Sam Kieth.

    Glad you dug Screamland. I felt issue 3 fell short of the first 2 issues. Since you brought up Troma have you checked out the Toxic Avenger and other Tromatic Tales TPB from Devil’s Due Publishing? It is a bunch of short stories based on Troma flicks by a bunch of different comic creators. Haven’t read it yet but I flipped through it and it looks very enjoyable. Like a Troma flick in print, lots of sex, violence and gore. Looking forward to what you think of Hack/Slash and Crawlspace.

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