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• Eclipso brings destruction to the heart of House Amethyst in an epic 30-page story!

• Will Amaya finally master her heritage?

• On this day, a princess dies!

Story by Christy Marx
Art by Aaron Lopresti, Travis Moore, & John Livesay
Colors by Hi-Fi
Letters by Rob Leigh
Cover by Aaron Lopresti & Hi-Fi

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.2%


Kzinti05/17/13NoRead Review


  1. Pretty cool they are ending this with an oversized addition. Lopresti has been magnificent on this title, and I like Marx as well.

    So sad the series is ending, I hope some day we’ll see her resurrected back into a monthly title.

  2. Book ended very well. Nicely done. Amethyst really came across as bad-ass in this…and I LOVE when the heroes actually have a real plan, instead of just go punch somebody in the nose. I love the Mom, Aunt, and the supporting cast. I also think they left nice toys for future creators to play with.

    THANKS MARX, LOPRESTI, and everyone else who made this fan happy with every issue. Great job.

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