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  1. I strongly recommend picking up the first trade, this is a fantastic series and is only getting better.  I cant wait to pick up this issue.

  2. I agree with PaperCupCowboy. I read the Luna Brothers’ GIRLS in trade, but I’m glad I picked up this series in issues.

  3. One of the top comics I look forward to each week.  It’a amazing. 

    If you’ve not given it a chance, check it out!!!!!

  4. Yep , I’m basically subscribed to this, it’s great and has been since #1

  5. oh god the end was grusome….

  6. This book keeps getting better and better.  The cliffhanger endings are fantastic;  every issue delivers.


  7. I always wonder how they’re going to top themselves. And they always do. 

  8. Wow. astoriajohnstons is my son. I finished this and we just looked at each other and started laughing. You have got to be kidding me. Where do they come up with thes things. This is the best comic out there right now. What other book has given you 15 awesome books in a row. All Hail Luna Brothers!

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