In this final SWEET TOOTH collection featuring issues #33-40, Dr. Singh arrives in Alaska and uncovers both the origins of Gus and the hybrid children and the cause of the plague that decimated the world. And as Gus and Jepperd come face to face with the truth, the militia continues to bear down on them.

Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Jeff Lemire
Cover by Jeff Lemire

Price: $16.99
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  1. I read this is issues for a long time but I dropped out a little before the issues collected here. Looking forward to going back and reading Sweet Tooth as a whole.

  2. What an amazing end to an amazing series. Jeff Lemire is such a great writer/artist. He always makes me cry! 😛

  3. Keith, everyone cries when Jeff Lemire does the art, so why shouldn’t you?

    I feel the way about this book that I did about Northlanders and Scalped…while it’s wonderful the series had such a great end (and Sweet Tooth in particular really stuck the landing) I’m mostly just really sad because the book was so wonderful. Goodbye Gus!

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