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Swamp Thing just might have to destroy an entire town’s worth of people in order to keep balance in the Green…and he’ll have to crush John Constantine right along with them!

Story by Charles Soule
Art by Kano, David Lapham, & Alvaro Lopez
Cover by Guillem March

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.7%
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Soule has done a fine job of following Snyder’s run, which in my opinion ended with a whimper. Those of you that gave up on ol’ Swampy should dip your feet back in the bog – things are getting murky, in a good way.

    Oh and thought I would mention that I watched that old Swamp Thing movie by Wes Craven the other day – holy mother of God what a piece of moss covered shit! I do believe there is a part where you can see the zipper on the Swamp Thing suit.

    I’m wondering if Del Toro will be using Swamp Thing in his “Dark Universe” DC movie? If so I’m sure he’ll bring some dignity back to our favorite Elemental.

    • Yes! This is seriously one of my most anticipated books every month. I dropped Snyders Swamp Thing and have been more than pleased with this new team. Anybody remember the cartoon and toys back in the day? I was into that shit when I was little.

    • Snyder’s run ended with a whimper? #18 was an amazing end. Looking forward to this issue; Soule has been doing a great job.

    • yep, whimper. Rotworld dragged on way too long and by the time things wrapped up most of us either couldn’t care less or had already dropped the title.

      Check out what I said about the whole deal here:

      But with all that said, Snyder’s Swamp Thing was still one of the better comics out there

    • Ghostmann is completely right. And in my opinion Snyder was very hit and miss. Please do go back and read the reviews of ST #18. The art especially was horrendous.

  2. Charles Soule killed it this issue!

  3. This issue and the one previous have been utter perfection. This is what Swamp Thing should be like. I’m so glad I stuck with this. If Soule and Kano can keep this up they will bring this book back to the heights of the Alan Moore days.

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