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• Batman’s fate in the Rotworld is revealed!

• Guest-starring the inmates of Arkham Asylum who have been dramatically affected by battling the Green, the Red and the Rot!

Story by Scott Snyder
Art by Marco Rudy
Colors by Val Staples & Lee Loughridge
Letters by Travis Lanham
Cover by Yanick Paquette & Nathan Fairbairn

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Avg Rating: 3.8
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    This series is really just retreading older, better stories without adding anything new.

  2. I’m loving Rotworld

  3. This series really frustrated me for a long time, but the last two issues have been fun. Still like Animal Man better, though.

  4. Probably dropping Swamp Thing this issue. Just doesn’t interest me as it once did.

  5. Still enjoying this series tremendously, but…

    GODDAMN IT PAQUETTE! Y U NO KEEP A SCHEDULE? Nothing quite as disappointing as a Rudy fill-in 🙁

    • Can you really call Rudy a fill-in artist? It seems to me that he’s drawn as many, if not more, issues of the this series. Either way, I think his art is just as beautiful as Paquette’s.

    • Ruddy is the “alt artist” on the book, as tony akins is on Wonder Woman. The art was one of several problems with this issue.

  6. I feel like the real test for this book will be to see if Snyder, once Rotworld is finished, can do some quick one to two issue monster of the week/month type stories. Or if it’s just going to be one big event after the other, like Batman seems to be.

  7. I kinda wish now Swamp Thing wasn’t part of the DC universe, this rot world story line has really ran its course.

  8. I know it says Part 3 on the cover but who is DC kidding? This is part 30 or so if you count the Animal Man parts of this damn storyline. I give up, I’ve been buying this for the art and the fact that I just love the Swamp Thing design – but I’ve seen enough of this. I’ll come back when its over.

  9. I’m getting frustrated too…little movement, lots of re-tread.

  10. Well that was confusing. And Rudy is no Paquette. The only part I really liked was the part about Abby’s “sisters”. This issue lost me with “the mouth” and then puzzled me more with ManBat/Barbara. Really, Scott, how can Batman be so good and this be so disappointing?

  11. Overuse of Arcane and Rotworld has deflated this book somewhat. It’s one of the few52 I”m still buying, but I don’t want every issue’s villain to be Arcane. He should only be reserved for big events — not a story that goes on and on and on…

  12. This series along with Animal Man is a perfect example of why sometimes bigger isn’t always better. Snyder constantly talks about making his stories the biggest and most brutal stories ever but sometimes he just needs to chill.

    I’d love to see Swamp Thing just story some short, good old horror stories coupled with that poetic side that Alan Moore brought to the series.

  13. Any idea how many parts rotworld is running for?

  14. Ever notice how Scott always drops in and comments on Batman reviews but never on Swamp Thing? Pretty telling. If his heart isn’t in it then there should be a new writer!

  15. Yes! I am excited to read this:
    Looking forward to the new writer but will miss Paquette a great deal! He had become the real star of the show.

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