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  1. The fact that I’m pulling this makes me think I need to be more picky about what I buy…

    Also, DC’s site says this is only $4, but still.  Four bucks for a normal sized comic?  Who do they think they are, Marvel?

  2. @Slockhart Did you read the last Jimmy Olsen Special? It was awesome.

  3. The first JIMMY OLSEN SPECIAL was *AWESOME* So excited.

  4. @GungaDin

    Nope.  I’ve only really gotten into reading comics recently.  Before I read mostly trades and non-superheroes.  I feel a little better after you and Conor’s recommendation, but I’m still a little worried since I’ve only liked about half of this Superman era. 

  5. Jimmy Olsen needs a series

  6. I wouldn’t mind a Jimmy Olsen second feature, written by Robinson, in one of the superman comics. Matter of fact I’d prefer to captain atom(even though i like cap second feature).    

  7. @Slockhart I say give it a try because the first one was really, really good. Jimmy is one of those major (and majorly important) characters who’s oft forgotten and never developed. James Robinson really has a bead ont hec ahracter and who he is and where he’s going. The first one demonstrated that. If you want, going back and checking it out is a worthy buy in the back issue dive.

    But if not, don’t sweat it. Just check this out. Should be awesome.

  8. Didn’t see this at first. Should be good. Didn’t outright love the first one, but one certainly enjoyed it.

  9. The Jimmy Olsen special was one of the best single issues to come out of New Krypton.  I am looking forward to this a lot. 

  10. Did that really happen?

  11. @magnum

    If it wasn’t on the last page, I’d say yes, that happened.

  12. Gods damn, kids. This was rock ’em sock ’em awesome.

  13. WHAT?!?!? Aw man…I hate it when that happens…

  14. Good book but i question the price. $399 would be fine but $499. Why?

  15. Continuing the streak of AWESOME Jimmy Olsen specials!  Most shocking moment?  The Bernard Chang art over the last few pages.  I was shocked.  Way to go BC! 

    James Robinson has been absolutely killing these Superman specials. 

  16. My cover didn’t match this cover by the way.  One of the characters was different.  odd. 



    It can’t be reall!!!!


    Oh wait.  Maybe this will just mean that Jimmy will be a zombie.  I’m all right with that I guess.  Also, @Crippler, yeah my cover had Mon El instead of the guardian as well.  Also, it occured to me that why has Seth Green not played Jimmy Olsen? 


    Really enjoyed this issue. 5/5 and it really connects itself to the broader DC universe. Very cool.  

  19. This book makes me want Robinson on a Jimmy Olsen co-feature in an ongoing book like Superman. I would love that.

  20. I love that Jimmy’s apartment in this looks pretty much like all my "I make just a little bit more than the normal post-grad does" friends’ places.

  21. i am having serious Jimmy Olsen apartment envy.

  22. Hahha – I actually took a long look at that apartment too!  I was trying to place the stuff he had – Ikea bookshelf?  I think Jimmy’s doin a-ok for himself.  He must be selling pap photos on the side!

  23. Disappointing, and a rip off for the price. We get 8 pages of a house on fire, and 11 pages of Jimmy running. This whole book could have been done in 12 pages.

  24. Amazing use of the recent DC history. I loved it.

  25. I too envied Olsen’s apartment.

    I didn’t see that ending coming either. Looking forward to what happens next.

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