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  1. Connor Iam going to wait for the hardcover to come out and Iam picking up all of my books this week!

  2. This book really needs to step it up.  It’s been going downhill since about #6

  3. If these Saturians are on the same power level as the White Martians, then this could be interesting.  Unfortunately, I’m afraid this feels a bit like an "alien of the week" type story going forward.  The Thanagarians didn’t really work for me last week.

  4. I jumped off a while back.  I thought I was finally getting a Superman book that I’d enjoy, but it just felt too slow and boring for me.

  5. @stuclach Yeah, the "let’s adopt some bizarre dialogue" pattern thing was terrible and made the book frustrating to read. 

    At this point, I’m seeing this through to the end, but I’m not really enjoying it. 

  6. There does not seem to be much of an overarching story here.  Seeing as it was a limited series, I really thought that there would be.  But these seem to be more vignettes about the WoNK, rather than a cohesive story.  There is nothing inherently wrong with that, but it is not what I expected it to be.

  7. I’m still enjoying the book, but not as much as the first half.  With only 4 issues left of the series, I have no idea where they are taking it.  That sort of worries me

  8. I loved the Thanagarians and am excited about Jemm and the Saturnians.

  9. Really interested in this one, but I chose to wait for the TPs… any idea when those are coming?

  10. @Denverdave

    The first one is scheduled for the first week of March as "Superman: New Krypton, Vol. 3" and it only contains issues 1-5 and the Action Comics Annual, which is just the origin of Nightwing and Flamebird. And that’s if you’re wanting the hardcover.  The paperback isn’t listed yet.

    Freakin’ March… 

  11. Last issue was incredibly boring, hope this one sets things back on track.

  12. Something has to be said of Pete Woods doing 9(possibly all 12) issues and not even a showing a hint of strain.

  13. I would certainly agree that the art has been solid, but the story seems to have lost its flow.  I agree with MisterJ and drakedangerz, I’m not sure what they are doing right now.  I’m fine with a meandering storyline as long as the individual issues are enjoyable, but that wasn’t the case (for me) last issue.

  14. I guess it hadn’t occurred to me up to this point, but you guys are right.  Their seems to be little to no cohesion with each of these issues.  I still like reading it though.

  15. Just wait until the end of the story. Something big will happen

  16. I dropped this. I got all eight issues for sale on Ebay if anyone needs to catch up!!:

  17. I was really enjoying all of the Superman-related books for the first 4 or 5 months of New Krypton, but I feel they’ve really started slipping over the last 2-3 months…James Robinson’s super stuff has been especially off the mark for me.  I blame that weird issue of Superman (I think) that was a bizarre collection of 3-page preview stories for the slide.  The World Without a Superman arc felt like it was going somewhere new and interesting, but now it just feels like the story is dragging itself out in anticipation of some cooler event to come.

  18. I have a feeling that issue 10 is going to be: Adam Strange conflict resolved for no particular reason within a few pages, a bunch of pages of people I don’t care about because their names are too similar, then Kal-El walking in on some catastrophe caused by a space-based character on the last page.

    This formula is getting so boring. 

  19. Terrible!  What the shit happened to this book!

  20. @Slockhart- I have a feeling that your feeling will be 100% right, dude. Why do the writers think we need new random characters thrown into the mix every issue??

    I don’t even know what to say about this issue, this series/story has just become a total mess. Maybe if this was a 6 issue mini without adding in a crossover it wouldn’t have went off the rails? it’s really disappointing because it started off so strong.


  21. I agree with most of the comments. This used to be my favourite Superman title and now it’s incredibly mediocre.


  23. wait until Zod is back on his feet. That’s when the shit will go down

  24. Yeah, but until then, it’s just boring filler.

  25. This is feeling remarkably repetitive.  The underlying story is still quite interesting, but the "visitor of the week" format is bothersome. 

  26. It feels like they planned six issues and got told to do twelve.

  27. @Stuclach-Agreed.  I wish they would stop having new guest stars on every issue too.

  28. I’m just not sure what’s going on in this book anymore.  I mean, I’ve followed the story, but, where is it going and why?  This issue was weak.  The last three have felt like filler. 

  29. This book is just filling a gap to set up an event akin to "Blackest Night". Truth told all the Super titles have been filling in a period between the Braniac arc and the Superman vs. Luthor and Braniac in 2010 which will likely include all the cast that have appeared so far and the rest of the DCU.

    It should prove to be "The greatest Superman event of all time" until the next one. Blah!

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