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  1. Hawkmen vs. Supermen = Awsome.

  2. Great series.  Sounds like we’ll be getting more of diplomat Superman, nothing wrong with that

  3. @WinTheWonderboy – That is exactly what that cover has me thinking.

  4. Watch Kal-El face the MC Escher staircase! Should be pretty good. 

  5. I have to drop another book so it’s gonna have to be House Of Mystery because there is no way I can go without pulling this.

  6. I know that it has not occurred in this series, but has there been any reaction from Lois on the page since Clark left?  This is the only Supes title I get, so any info would be helpful.

  7. @MisterJ-I can’t remember if Lois is in Superman or Action Comics.  Either way, I would be surprised if none of the writers have addressed her reaction and how she is dealing with it all.

  8. I thought I heard Superman went home to briefly comfort Lois while she dealt with the loss of her younger sister.  I’m not sure what issue, but it was during Codename Assassin or whatever it was called.

  9. Thanks for the heads up on what is happening to Mrs. Kent guys.

  10. I believe that she is in Action Comics (or is it Adventure Comics? I get confused with the two) with Nightwing and Flamebird.

  11. Ok….Is blackest night in the same cont. as this?

  12. This is starting to seem pretty aimless.

  13. Who were those guys at the end?  Where’s PraxJarvin, the Oracle of iFanboy, to fill us in?

  14. @twooldridge nothing is in continuity until it’s done.

  15. @twooldridge-Seriously, don’t worry about that too much.  Just try to enjoy the story on its own, you’ll go crazy.

    @stuclach-Seriously, I have no idea who those guys were. 

    I feel let down by this issue.  Mostly because I was not expecting more than half of it to be devoted to being inside the cabin of a Thanagarian ship.  Taking the book in that direction just doesn’t feel right to me.  Still, solid Woods artwork here.  

  16. @JonSamuelson: totally

  17. I have never read anything about the Thanagarians, do they always speak in the stylized dialect?  Because that was pretty annoying.

  18. @MisterJ – That is a good question.  Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer.  I also found it annoying.  I don’t mind throwing in some odd verbiage to distinguish them, but this was overboard.

  19. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I actually really dug this, crazy stylized Thanagarian slang included. 

  20. I’ve been let down by this story the past few issues.  It’s too episodic when it feels like it should be serial.  I’m also convinced that the fact that it’s 12 issues was made by the publishers, and not the writers. And what’s with them having twist endings that don’t mean anything?

  21. The guy at the end is Jemm, Son of Saturn. He has a mini(?) back in the 80’s written by Greg Potter and drawn by Gene Colan.  The last time I remember Jemm appearing was during the short lived Martian Manhunter series drawn by Tom Mandrake.


    The people of Satrun are an offshoot of the Martian racce.

  22. @Paul-I liked the story as well.  Kinda Kryptonians making peace with their fellow superpowered species. 

    As to the language, to each their own.

  23. i like how the thanagarian design aesthetic is heavily based on beaks

  24. yeah didn’t care for this one

  25. It’s issues like this one that my ignorance to DC characters really effects my enjoyment of the book.

  26. So is this Jemm fella on the same power level as the Martians?  If so, he could be interesting.

  27. I really had such high hopes for this series when it started. I was hoping for big metaphors dealing with society, class issues etc … & it’s really gone off the rails.We have entire issues of dialogue in Kryptonian court rooms & now this moon stuff. A whole issue about a moon & Thanagarians? I mean, seriously would anyone care if New Krypton didn’t get a moon?

    Maybe there is just way too many issues to be filled with story (with all these tie-ins/crossovers) & there has to be "filler" stories, but you don’t expect that in a "mini" series.

    PS: who the hell is Jemm? Wasn’t she in a cartoon rock band in the 80’s?

  28. @WadeWilson – I know where you are coming from, but I’m getting the sense that New Krypton may be around for awhile, so this "mini" series may be more of an introduction than a complete story.

  29. Saturnians do indeed have the same powers as Martians.  They shape shift, have mental abilities, etc.  I believe they’re also vulnerable to fire, if memory serves me correctly.  J’emm has always been an ally and friend to J’onn, the Martian Manhunter.  He showed up in the "Rock of Ages" story in Grant Morrison’s JLA as part of Luthor’s Injustice Gang as J’onn’s opposite number, but he was being controlled by Luthor’s Philosopher’s stone.  If you can ever track down the Martian Manhunter solo series from the late 90s, there’s a storyline where J’onn visits Saturn and delves into their culture.  There are red Saturnians and white Saturnians, although the two races made peace, unlike the green and white Martians.

  30. @superchuck – Thank you for the excellent information.  Very interesting.

  31. Boy, this was a real page turner… in that I turned the pages with such frequency due to my skimming the fuck out of the boring Thanagarian dialogue. I mean, one could argue, "Why would I read this? I want to read about Superman!" when it comes to this series. In that same way, I’m of the mindset that, "Why would I read this? I want to read about Kryptonians!"

    I loved the start of this series, I gave it leeway when my interest started dipping around issue 6, but this was just boring. I’m sorry. I want a story about Superman dealing with Kryptonians doing all their wild ‘n’ crazy Kryptonian things; is that wrong?

    Know what’s a great move? Making your cliff hanger ending be that some red guys that look like Martian Manhunter rip-offs  show up (not saying that they are, just that they look like they are) that very few know about and not even mentioning WHO THE FUCK THEY ARE! "Jemm", great, that’s all I got to go on? I have to come to a website that’s completely seperate from this comic (here) to have fellow posters do your job in making me aware of something that’s supposed to make me interested in the next issue?? (That "your" is directed to the comic itself and by extension Robinson and Rucka) Weak.

    I’m sorry if I’m going overboard, but I had such hope for this series. I talked up and down to my casual comic reading friends (i.e. the people that read my trades) about this concept.  This was, to me, offensively disappointing. Dropped. 

  32. This was really bad– not even sure why this particular issue was published. Just not for me.

  33. @stuclach- Good point. I never thought of it as an introduction series, I have had it set in my mind that New Krpton will be going bye-bye at or near the end of this.

  34. This issue was great fun.

  35. Oh I get it now.  They stole Saturn’s moon.  Saturians will be pissed.  Some how I missed that connection completely. O_O

  36. Wow… I was in a really, really bad mood when I posted my last comment. Meh, I’ll stand by it.

  37. Can’t say I understand the hate. I thought this story was awesome. I like seeing the New Kryptonians branch out and are meeting up with other races in the DCU.

  38. I wonder how long Krypton will be around?

  39. I believe they took Callisto, one of the moons of Jupiter and one of the first new objects to be discovered by modern astronomy, i.e by  Galileo (along with its sister moons Io, Europa, & Ganymede). Callisto (like Europa and Ganymede) is basically a big ball of ice and rock, unlike our moon which is just rock. It shouldn’t be melting though, even at the orbit of the Earth/New Krypton, as without an atmosphere our distance from the sun should provide an average temperature just below freezing (greenhouse effects are not all bad). Saturn is usually farther from Jupiter than the Earth is, but if you are stealing moons from gas giants I can see why Saturnians might be getting anxious.    

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