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  1. Is that Non on the cover??

  2. Yes it is. Should be interesting. I’m curious to see where the Superman-line goes after Codename: Patriot.

  3. I didn’t pick up the crossover issues, but got the jist of what happened.  Excited to see where this series takes it.

  4. Cool a Bryan Talbot variant cover. Does anyone know what it looks like?

  5. I can’t recall. Did Zod die? I don’t think he did, but I wanted to make sure.

    I’m interested in seeing how they are going to wrap this up.  Will New Krypton continue to exist as it does now?  Will Supes return to Earth?  I assume he will, but the existance of New Krypton SHOULD dramatically shift the characteristics of the DCU IF it continues to exist and render Superman considerably less unique. 

  6. @stuclach He’s not dead.

  7. @stuclach-New Krypton (probably) has got to move out of the Milky Way or go back into the bottle.  There would just be too many Kryptonians to keep up, as you say, Superman’s ‘uniqueness.’

    Personally, I like them being in the bottle.  It leaves that one thing that Superman could not do.  Which is about as close to a flaw as he has.

  8. @vadamowens – Thank you very much.

    @MisterJ – I agree.  I don’t see how they keep it in the solar system (much less galaxy) without it being a constant issue.  Unless they simply make the kryptonians incredibly reclusive, but that would be an absolutely boring cop-out after this buildup. 

  9. Maybe they’ll move New Krypton to the coordinates where the old Krypton was.  They can’t be more at home there.

  10. @stuclach-cop out indeed.  And it would make them the same as the Daxamites.  Come to think about it, that would be an interesting place to take them.  hmm….

    @robbydzwonar-isn’t there a red sun in that system now?  I thought there was, but can’t remember

  11. @MisterJ: Oh, I don’t even know.  I just started reading Superman books around the Braniac/New Krypton thing.  I hadn’t touched them since a year after Death Of Superman way back in the early 1990s.  God knows what has happened since then…

  12. @stuclach- Superman HAS to return to Earth, right? At some stage, if not right after this series. And my guess is that at some point soon, New Krypton is goin’ to get blowed up, Alderaan style.

  13. @robbydzwonar – Let me sum up the events in the Superman books between the Death of Superman and more recent arcs based on what I’ve read: Absolutely nothing interesting happened.  Nothing.

    @WadeWilson – Would blowing up New Krypton kill the kryptonians?  That would be an interesting way to take it.  Destroy the planet (again) and have a few hundred thousand kryptonian refugees living in ghettos all over the world.  They could then line up at the local Home Depot waiting to be hired as day laborers.  I can already see the cardboard signs: "Will leap and/or rapidly construct tall buildings for food."

  14. The sun that the old Krypton revolved around kinda asploded.  That’s why they sent Kal-El away to Earth.

    I’m guessing they will find a way to kill them all again or trap them somewhere. 

  15. After WoNK, Superman will be a book showcasing a different Kryptonian Super-person every month. Also… Superman hasn’t been unique since Martian Manhunter came about.

    @stuclach Nothing happened…. except for him briefly becoming two electrical people. 😉 But that’s best forgotten.

    @misterj There’s now a yellow sun in Daxam, so all the Daxamites are superpowered.


  16. @Prax-Yep, that’s what I’m saying.  All of them can have a happy super-community and be all Xenophiles together.  That way they can sit nicely on the shelf until they are needed by whatever writer needs them.

  17. you know, if they move the planet to a solar system with a red sun it solves the problem of New krypton and numerous Superman level character in the DCU.

    Under a red sun, none of the kryptonians will have superpowers so New Krypton could still exist and if he stays on earth Superman remains one of the only Kryptonians with powers

  18. ummmm… okay, less backtracking on my part

  19. Is it just me, or is everyone else wonderingwhat happened to this book?

  20. @Slockhart-how so?  It made sense to me.  At least up until the end where you get random Thanagarians.  I would have liked some sort of reasoning behind all that.  I’m sure it will come next issue, but still pretty random stuff.  Can’t these damn Kryptonians catch a break?!?!

    Solid issue. 

  21. Seems to me the main thing that happened since Death of Superman and the Geoff Johns stuff was Inifinite Crisis happened and as a result brought back a lot of the old Silver Age continuity. Krypto, Kandor, Supergirl, Superboy / Legion, Lex as a super-villain instead of business man, etc.

  22. Well, in pre-Crisis continuity, when Kandor was unshrunk they placed it on the red sun world of Rokyn…maybe this will be another bit of the silver age–more bronze age, I guess–to be brought back. They pretty obviously can’t stay where they are forever.

  23. I like this comic. It’s consistently good. And Pete Woods’ art is great. Robinson and Rucka make a great writing team.

  24. Since when do Kryptonians need oxygen masks to fly through space?

  25. @bansidhewail-When they want to talk in space, I believe.  I think they just hold their breath for a realy long time while in space.  But Prax, as always, can correct me if I’m wrong 😉

  26. @Drake You are correct sir. While it has been (oddly) broken before, Superman can’t talk in space, because 1) He needs to hold his breath, 2) There’s nothing for the vibrations of speech to reflect off of for anyone to hear. Ergo, oxygen masks wold be needed.  

  27. Wihle the use of masks for the military to communicate is clear, what is not clear (to me at least) is the Thanagarians posing any kind of threat to any group of Kryptonians.  Absent being armed with Kryptonite, or a similar product, what could even a planetful of them do to more than a handful of Kryptonians??

  28. @MisterJ-Well, my guess would have to be that all these Kryptonians are not as trained as Superman.  The creative team keeps reminding us of that all the time.  So they could overwhelm them in numbers and by a surprise attack.  Hopefully more is explained next issue.

  29. This series started off so strong, it’s a shame the last few issues (including this one) have been so slow & dull. Too much standing around & talking for my liking. Hopefully it ends with a bit more action (literally AND plot-wise) in the last few issues.

  30. @drake-Alright, I can give the Thanagarians (and the writers) some credit.  And sure, they have talked about how the ‘newbies’ have had a difficult time fine-tuning their more refined powers.  But invulnerability, super-strength and speed have always been portrayed as almost reflexive powers, and really, what more would they need?

  31. Thanagarians. I wonder what brought them here.

  32. @MisterJ-Hey, I ain’t arguing!  Just saying that from what I have read that those are the reasons that I would assume for these Thanagarians having any sort of a fighting chance.  Like I said, hopefully next issue gives solid answers.

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