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Superman’s found out the secret the U.S. Army tried desperately to keep from him—or more specifically, that secret’s found him! But with hijacked drone aircraft tearing Tokyo apart, there’s not much time for mystery…and with Lois Lane on the case as well, what’s in the darkness will come to the light!

Story by Scott Snyder
Art by Jim Lee & Scott Williams
Colors by Alex Sinclair & Jeromy Cox
Letters by Sal Cipriano
Cover by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, & Alex Sinclair

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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. It’s like Big Macs – I know isn’t good for me but I can’t help but get one sometimes and stuff my face. 😉

  2. Hmm… I think that I WANT to be enjoying this much more than I am. That’s a signal to drop.

    • Same here. I’m dropping it after this issue. It’s been alright, and the this creative should be doing the trick, but it’s just not living up to the hype I guess. I’ll just pick up Action Comics once Greg Pak takes over for my Superman fix.

    • I hope this picks up by the end of the first arc, otherwise I’m dropping and also waiting for Pak’s Action Comics run to start.

  3. I have liked this and Batman/Superman. They’re great side stories and much more interesting than the main Supes book.

  4. Glad I dropped this at issue 1. Been collecting for a few years now and after a while you get a “comic-sense” of titles that you know you won’t like, after reading the first issue.

  5. Unless this issue blows my mind I’ll be dropping this book as well. I like Snyder’s writing just fine, but Jim Lee’s 90’s art style isn’t helping.

    • It looks like Lee may fade himself out, some of the upcoming solicits list more artists than Lee and Nguyen. I never really thought Lee would last more than 6 or 8 issues on this anyway.

  6. I’m loving this right now, For me Snyders superman actually sounds like superman should, he’s intelligent (as shown in issue 2) and he actually cares about the people he’s saving (issue 1). I’ve mentioned a bunch of times that I’m not a fan of Lobdells run so the fact that a huge superman fan like myself has this, batman/superman, adventures of superman and soon Pak’s Action Comics is awesome.

  7. This is the only book where I’m getting my Supes fix. I usually only read one Super title at a time and I like Snyder’s voice for him.

    It’s also a scientific fact that if you were growing up reading comics in the 90’s, Jim Lee’s art opened specific neural pathways that cannot be closed again. Much like nicotine. It doesn’t matter how committed you are to quitting. You’ll always get cravings.

  8. Look, if Snyder can’t fix superman, nobody can. Maybe it’s time to kill old supes off again and keep him dead for a while.

    • I don’t think that’s the solution.

    • Well I think something has to be done. The character is just stagnant and has been for a while.

      What about a full on heel turn, make supes a villain? or something along the superior spiderman lines even?

    • I think that it’s just a matter of getting the RIGHT people for the book, not just popular people. It’s the same problem that Man of Steel had; Dark Knight is popular, so let’s get Nolan to produce and guide a movie just like that for Superman!

      I’ll say it again: Get Jeff Parker on Superman, let him run, and you’re in the pink.

    • I think it might help if writers could shake-up the Superman world, like they did for Spider-Man in BND. Or take him back to basics in the 40s, social crusader/force of nature.

  9. The first two issues were letdowns, I hope issue three picks it up. It has been very wordy yet at the same time unclear. I’m not sure what Scott’s mission statement is for this title and am losing faith that the story is going to places I want to see. It doesn’t leave a lasting impression and I’m not overly excited about it. With that said I do like Synder’s Lex and he’s done such solid work in the past I’ll stick it out for 5 issues before I decided if I’ll stay or go.

    I want a good Superman book but if Synder and Morrison can’t do it, then maybe no one can.

  10. Issue #1 was ok and #2 was better than that so here’s hoping this is better than both or it will be my last issue until Pak gets on Action. It seems I’m on a continuous quest for a good Superman book. I guess I’ll need to buy some graphic novels.

    • Superman Secret Identity was a great read.

    • Thanks for the suggestion I’ll check it out !

    • Thanks for the suggestion Invincipal I’ll be sure to check it out!

      I have to say I thought this was a pretty good issue and I’ll be sticking around for the first arc anyways. The story is kind of cliché IMO– and I won’t say anything else to spoil it– but it’s enjoyable. I thought the art was great and the fight scenes looked really good. I don’t really get all of the criticism for Jim Lee’s art , looks good to me.

  11. I don’t even remember what the 1st 2 issues were about. That’s a bad sign. I love Lee and Snyder, but there are too many good comics coming out that will hold my attention. I have some hope for this issue, but I may be dropping….

  12. This issue was better than the first two but I think I’m still going to bail. The art is meh and the story is decent, but it’s not really holding me. Well, guess I’ll just be waiting a couple of months for Pak’s Action Comics run.

  13. So … what the fuck is The Machine?

    First I thought it was the alien craft. Then I thought it was the bunker. Then maybe the equation.

    Is it just nuclear power? Are we even supposed to know right now? What’s happening?

  14. The best part of this for me was when Lane called Superman a coward and explained why he felt that way. This still isn’t the book I was hoping it would be though. As usual, I want to like a comic about the Man of Steel so badly but it just hasn’t happened for me lately.

  15. Three issues is enough time to give the team a chance. It seems that not even the great Scott Snyder can write a great superman story, and where the help did Jim Lee’s talent go?

  16. I feel like I’m in bizarro world when people praise the art of Chris Bachalo, Frank Quitely, and Jae Lee but don’t praise Jim Lee. Jim Lee’s art is tops. The amount of detail mixed with the anatomically correct characters, or Jae Lee making a battle between the hulk and thing look like an intimate moment between two lovers….seems like most people would choose the first.

    • @deepspacesamurai I am a huge fan of Jim Lee, I have his artbook and shelled out for the Batman Hush Absolute to get that run in gorgeous oversized glory, and I grew up reading his X-Men stuff in the ’90’s but I think that with this new Superman title he has lost the love. If you compare the stuff he is putting out today to his Batman Hush work the difference is stark. As for the others, just look at any panel drawn by Frank Quitely and take in the level of detail and care he puts into his work. Just putting in hard work doesn’t make a good artist but with Quitely his talent is amplified by his attention to detail.

    • @Slickman83 Thanks for the comment. I love his art in Hush as well as 90’s x-men books too. My very first comic book was Justice League #1 from the new 52, I was hooked on his art and went back to read whatever I could that had his name on it. Quitely looks great to some, my first experience with him was Morrison’s New X-men, “ugly” was the only way I could describe it. To each their own.

  17. I like this book. I thought General Lane’s accusing Superman of being a coward and a mass murderer was an interesting take that I don’t remember seeing before. I look forward to seeing how this line of thought affects him. As for the art, good art is good art. Jim Lee draws well and I don’t think “90s style” is a fair description. On the other hand, I’ve always hated the new 52 costume design for Superman. How does the collar and the sleeve extensions work when he’s dressed as Clark? We won’t even get into what possible purpose they could serve (especially the sleeve extensions)!

    • Agreed and I am really enjoying this series as well. I even bought the $6 director’s cut issue 😛 Good job Mr. Snyder, I’m with you for the long haul on this one 🙂

      As to your question about the collar and sleeves that cover his hands; maybe Kryptonian safety pins?

  18. I like – but have not been thrilled with – the first three issues. All the same, Snyder has more than earned my trust as a reader and I will stick around for the foreseeable future because I’m sure he has great ideas and I think the seed was planted in this issue (Lane calling Supes a coward). I think the biggest problem with Superman books is comic fans but that’s the case with most books; they haven’t been great but by the looks of the internet, fans don’t know what they want, they just don’t want THAT. Whatever ‘that’ is.

  19. Only Lex is keeping me coming back to this book. His inventive, pre-programmed escape from Striker’s Prison is a stroke of genius on his (and Synder’s) part. But man, this new villain needs to go back to 1994 and fight Youngblood, or Rageblood or Bloodblood or whoever.

  20. Well that’s enough-I dropped this book after this issue. The art is bad, and the story isn’t doing it for me. I’ll keep Adventures of Superman on my pull list instead.