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  1. I wonder if my store is even going to have this?

  2. I cannot decide if this is one big marketing piece they expect us to pay for or vital information that’d be a fun read.  The map of Kandor sounds cool, but is that it?

  3. It doesn’t say how many pages the story is, does it?  It actually sounds like a fun little tale.  I like Supergirl and Flamebird.  According to the latest Action annual, they both go way back.

  4. Yeah…I keep up with most of the titles, but don’t know why DC would charge for this when Marvel does this type of thing for free-ninety-free.

  5. I hope they just flat-out make a Who’s Who, then throw a story at the end, and not make an issue-long story that shoehorns in all the info you need on everyone.

  6. I don’t know what is wrong with me but I am a sucker for the Secret Files stuff.  I couldn’t tell you what was ever in all the ones I have bought but everyytime I see one I’m like ‘Ooooh Secret Files issue!"

  7. Well, the talent is hard to pass up.  I hope this is worth it.

  8. Secret Files tend to be hit or miss, but the two most recent Green Lantern ones were pretty damn important. I would bet it’s the same story here.

    Also, I’m guessing Secret Origin kicks off after Codename: Patriot? 

  9. I’m actually looking forward to these profiles.  I need to get updated.

  10. going to have to flip through this in store to see how many story pages it has before committing.

  11. average rating 6.5. WOW! must pick up

  12. James Robinson’s science police story was quite good.  I didn’t care for the secret files themselves, but all of the little side-stories were really cool. 

  13. Wasn’t a bad book, although damned expensive for the amount of story in it, and t as a longtime reader all the origins and ‘files’ were info I already knew or didn’t care to know (nobody needs a map of New Krypton, they just don’t). I guess it’s a good jump-on point for new readers, but honestly new readers are hard to come by, it’s mostly old readers that are balls-deep in the Superman books right now, I doubt many of them need to be told who Krypto is any more…

  14. I hope it gets included in one of the collections.

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