LAST STAND OF NEW KRYPTON ships twice in April as the biggest Superman story in years rockets towards its mind-blowing conclusion!

In this epic conclusion, Superman and Zod must work together if they’re to have a chance of stopping Brainiac! But a victory for New Krypton means a devastating loss for the Legion!

Over a year’s worth of New Krypton stories has been building up to the final page of this series, and once you see it, you’ll know there’s only one outcome: the WAR OF THE SUPERMEN!

Cover by RYAN SOOK
Variant cover by CHRIS WESTON

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  1. Was there an editorial mandate that all LSoNK covers had to be ridiculously busy? Look, people, its war. Things get messed up, including any sense of composition. (Actually, this cover is probably the best of the bunch, but in general all the LSonk covers have been a mess.)

  2. What’s with the three Superman titles shipping on the same week? I know we need to be done with LSONK so we can start the WOS with free comic books day but damn it’s like you kicked my wallet in the balls!

  3. Excited to be reading Superman comics for the first time since…well, ever.

  4. I’m not clear how Superman got stabbed…isn’t he invulnrable?

  5. what the ?

  6. @DarthDuck  I’m with ya. Started with this crossover and I cant wait til Saturday!

  7. The entire World of New Krypton arc is now culminating in the obvious storyline hinted at from the beginning: Kryptonians waging war on humans. I just read WotS #0 and, while it was well done, it’s hard for me to feel very excited by this storyline. One Kryptonian has proven to be nigh unstoppable by all comers for the last 60+ years, so any ending that isn’t Earth being wiped out quickly is bound to feel cheap. And I’m pretty sure the DCU Earth isn’t about to be wiped out quickly… but perhaps the story will amaze me after all, who knows!

  8. @mikeandzod21 Well, invulnerable as far as you and I are concerned. Just maybe not entire city falling on top of you with indestructable Braniac spikes-invulnerable. It was a shocking scene, but they fixed him up so quick it ultimately felt a bit cheap. Several of these LSoNK issues were duds, but generally it had strong action and an epic scope. When all this hullabaloo is over, something needs to be done about this "Red sunlight" nonsense. A six-year old with a flashlight can  apparently take out Superman. The super-pendulum has swung too far towards weaknesses again.

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