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  1. Haven’t decided whether I should get this or not…

  2. Same… all Superman/Batman arcs sound like stupid fun, but about half of them seem to forget the fun part.

  3. This is the last two chapters of the Solomon Grundy mini so I got to get it,

    I have liked what Scott Kollins has done with Grundy from the F.O.E. one shot on.

  4. i don’t know why but the concept of this issue sounds awesome.

  5. Think I’m going to skip this one.

  6. Bizarro is fighting Super Zombie Solomon Grundy.  This can’t be bad.

  7. @Notsoevilsteve – It can be and it probably will. But I gotta get my rings!

    The most disconcerting thing about blackest night is that all these bad guys who have done dispicable things, all of a sudden get a free pass cause they are fighting black lanterns. Honestly, the black lanterns have not done half as bad a thing as some of these people (example Sinestro, probably others, but I am not too versed in DCU)

  8. No Superman or Batman in this? I’m calling false advertising and skipping this one!

  9. It’s Superman Batman it’s Blackest Night…’s gonna be great!!

  10. Would have liked to see Bizarro against Black Lantern Superman (Earth-2), but I’m in.  Have Bizarro & Man-Bat teamed up before?

  11. While I don’t flat-out love the concept, I’m more than willing to give Scott Kolins a shot.

  12. Scott Kollins has been great with Grundy thus far and as I already stated I’m looking foward to this one.  I skipped the last two S/B books and have been right to, the reviews for 64 & 65 were bad.


    I really think 66 & 67 will be great, will see.

  13. @Reform I didn’t check out the Grundy mini-series, but he’s a villain I liked. Think it’s worth it for when the trade comes out? (I did read the Grundy Faces of Evil one-shot, but wasn’t blown away.)

  14. @ Prax  The mini’s art was fantastic, the story was good but is not over,

    the Tpb should have the two part Superman/Batman arc in it.


    The mini had guest like Bizzaro, Alan Scott, Frankenstien, Amazo and a few other fun ones.

    I would say it’s worth it but it depends how it ends and how much it cost, 

     I did enjoy it, the art alone made me look foward to it every month.


  15. Mercy pull here. I’ve got all the other blackest night stuff….. guess DC is gonna get me to get all of them. *sigh*

  16. Kolins’ work with the Flash remains some of my favorite art ever.  He was perfect with that book.  The Grundy mini started off well but I didn’t love the final 2 issues.  Just finished this issue and I dig the art and the story isn’t half bad.  I am so psyched to see Kolins reunite with Johns in the upcoming Flash series AND Blackest Night:Flash.

  17. This was pretty fun. Surprise of the week.

  18. This was a fun read. But also a really fast read. and I Definitely had the feeling I was missing something. Bizzarro’s opposite speak also came through as confusing at some points. 3/5 for me. Weakest thing I read this week.

  19. I picked this up on a whim.  I mean, Black Lantern Grundy?  Why not.  But I was disappointed.

  20. The part two needs to be good or yes it was a waste, it was fun but seemed to be a build up for part two and not much of a part one.  The Grundy mini started better then it ended so I thought this would finish strong.

  21. What a cast of characters in this story; many new names for me to look up and learn more about.  And what was about to happen to Bizarro there in "Black Lantern View"?  I enjoyed the issue but do expect more from part 2.

  22. I liked the bizarro opposite emotions. That saved the book from being a total trainwreck for me.

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