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  1. That is a fantastic cover.

  2. the cover and the mere mention of halloween sold me on this one

  3. From this text, am I to assume that this isn’t a continuation of what happened last month? Not that these blurbs have been correct the last two months (they haven’t), so I guess I should just take this with a grain of salt.

  4. @JeffR: Last issue was prelude to story/mini thats gonna come out in a few months.

  5. Just checked DC’s site. Looks like last months’ story continues in January’s issue #68. I find that very strange. Why even bother releasing it last month then? I’ve mostly been reading these types of stories in trade for the past few years. Does this kind of seemingly random release schedule happen often with this title?

  6. I would like to see this turn into Superboy/ Red Robin. 

  7. I might pick this up.  That cover is very interesting.

  8. It makes me sad that the Johnson’s and Albuquerque are gone. 

  9. best part of this was the cover…..yup

  10. The story seemed off and things just happened.  And the art? Wow.  I was not a fan.

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