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  1. the book I’m looking forward to the most this week

  2. I have been pretty down on this title until Issue #51 came along.  I don’t think I’ve ever laughed or smiled so much at a comic book in a while.  I loved L’il Hush in the end.  I’m the gosh-darned Batman!!

  3. Me, too.  This book has been simply terrific since Michael Green has taken over scripting duties. 

  4. I still can’t believe I enjoyed #51 so much.  Thank you Conor for convincing me to go back and pick it up.  I am really looking forward to #52.

  5. Yeah I thought it was pretty funny.  My g/f is going to be so happy this is coming out.

  6. Knee-cap!!  I need a good laugh this week, hope it delivers!

  7. The last issue really was a fantastic read.  I haven’t laughed that hard at a comic book in a long time.  I think I’m more excited for this than the finale to Captain America.

    No, that’s just absurd.

  8. In my opinion, this was not nearly as much fun as the first issue.  They seemed to want to go serious for a portion of this issue and wanted to give us a message of the week type ending (aside from the awesome Joker final page) that didn’t really work in the context.  Maybe my expectations were too high following issue 51.

  9. @ stuclach: Not really you’re expectations were probably same as mine and I did enjoy the issue but the suprise effect of issue 51 was gone so there was only the conclusion left. Maybe that’s made the story seem so less funnier but I have to say there was a bunch of scenes were I had to grin.

  10. @Spooky – I’m not saying I didn’t grin.  There were a number of pages that were genuinely funny, just not nearly as many as in #51 (in my opinion).  I am not sure why they felt they needed to wrap this up in 2 issues when the search for Kryptonite story line dragged for six.  I would have enjoyed a more detailed plot with the humor these characters seem capable of delivering  Maybe we will see them again.

  11. A comic hasn’t made me smile this much in a long time.

  12. @ stuclach: It is probably just an matter of taste. I liked it that they made it short. It remindend me of the X-babies…..God do I miss the X-Babies…

     I’m sure that it isn’t the last time that we see a mini version of an DC- Icon.

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