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  1. the book i’m most looking forward to this week…  this arc is the first Superman Batman i’ve read and it’s been a lot of fun…

  2. You picked a good time to jump on, insight! This arc has been the best one in a long, long time.

  3. I just read a review by IGN who completely dumps this book (and gave it 4/10), but I actually really enjoyed this issue and story arc (a lot more than some of the previous arcs).

    After reading this issue, I can see some quite obvious flaws in continuity. I put those aside, as this was probably written before some of the latest Action and Superman comics were released/finalized. 

    There were also some depth added to a certain character, which I didn’t see coming, but I like it!

    I’d definately recommend this as a trade buy when it comes out.


    I liked this issue too, Cheezdog. I read the review on IGN, and you’re right, the dude sure did hate it! Don’t take it too serious though, it’s only one man’s opinion, & opinions are like assholes — everyone has one.

    All the shit he was crying about – events not having any affect of continiuty in any meaningful way – you could say about half the comics we read! All the time, stuff that seems important at the time is fully contradicted or forgotten, like deaths etc. – that’s just part of comics.

    I thought this whole arc was an entertaining well drawn comic book. I kinda look at this as an Elseworlds book, even though it’s meant to be in continuity, I’m sure whenever a villain needs kryptonite he will be able to get his hands on it, even though in this storyline it’s all meant to be wiped out, besides Batman’s (awesome last page) collection.

    I’m interested to see which way DC will go with Hiro now — is he the Geoff Johns android or the Superman/Batman genius kid? My vote is for option #2.

  5. … I liked this one to  … gave lana some meaning once again … she was badass.. cover was great!!

    For those who missed this kryptonite arc trade would be worth picking up and  … 50 should be a good jumping on point should it not

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