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  1. I have been collecting this comic since it was first released, and I have to say I’m not a big fan of superman or batman by themselves but I do enjoy this team up book. And now I am willing to try them both on there own can anyone be kind enough to point me to some book I could read that are considered good as far as Batman and Superman go?

  2. A friend of mine was speculating that the new color of Kryptonite was Purple.

    His reasoning was that it’s the other main color in Lex Luthor’s battle suit.  Guess we’ll find out tomorrow. 

  3. To jmartin:

    I’d recommend Batman: Hush volumes 1 & 2

    As for Superman, I want to recommend Sacrifice which was the buildup to Infinite Crisis because it was such a mindf*ck crossover.  It collected Action Comics 829, Superman 218-220 and the Adventures of Superman 442, 443 as well as the sold-out Wonder Woman 219, 220.  

    Geoff Johns is currently kicking ass in Action Comics 858-861 (so far) with the Legion of Superheroes, recent Superman Confidential 8-10 was a great Fourth World story with Darkseid.  Camelot Falls was a decent storyline too, it’ll be in 2 trades I think.  Enjoy!

  4. Couldn’t the new color of kryptonite just be red, blue, yellow, or white, since green is the only kind currently in continuity?

  5. Red K. has been in continuity for quite a while, look at recent Insect Queen story in "Superman."  Chris’ watch had red K in order to control his powers…didn’t work very well.

    I guess we’ll find out later today what the new color is and all this hypothesizing can end! 

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