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Superman visits Boulder, Colorado, as “Grounded” races forward! And speaking of racing, here comes The Flash! The Scarlet Speedster has made a strange discovery that relates to Superman, so he tracks The Man of Steel down in the Centennial State to get some answers! What did Flash discover? Well, let’s just say there’s a reason Superman isn’t very happy to see him…

Variant cover by KENNETH ROCAFORT

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  1. Flash News: This books is terrible.

  2. “races forward”? Wasn’t Superman walking? 

  3. how has “grounded” not ended yet????

  4. @AmirCat  That’s not just news, it’s a Flash Fact.

    I like Chris Roberson but I hated JMS’s first issue so much I’m not touching this.

  5. Since I am a newer comic reader, I do not know a whole lot about Superman and his history. However, I had a dream of an ending to the walking arc recently (I never read a single issue) and I don’t know if it would even fit in to current depictions but I feel like even if I gave this arc a chance, it would not live up to my dream ending.

  6. @wangman31888  It ends in June.  In July, a new writer hopely take over the series.


  7. Has that June date been confirmed? I thought we still had five more months of this storyline to slog through (not including this issue). This issue should’ve been part 9 of 12, but we’ve had two fill-ins which means we are only on part seven.

    I was hoping they’d just count the two Wilson issues as part of the twelve and call it a day, but I can’t imagine we’re going to get that lucky.

  8. This run has been horrible. JMS has run this into the ground. Supes is my fave hero so the only way I stop with Superman, Action and Adventure is if they shut them down. It’s been painful to buy this lately.

  9. Flash is in this issue so thats all I care about! I will say one thing beleive it or not I think the story line is not to bad; not great. Thats all I’ve got.

  10. I gave this book a 1 because DC is too much of a pussy to print a single negative letter and I would bet they have received a lot of them. Oh yeah the story sucked again as well.

  11. I’m pretty sure Flash was high or something in this issue. I imagine that this is what Silver Age Barry was like. And he always had that creepy smile. And seriously, I don’t need a though balloon to tell me that theyre perception is sped up, I got that from the three panels where the coffee stayed in the air. That’s called sequential story telling.

  12. Flash is the greatest  super hero of all time and Superman of course; is all by my opinion because of this book and All-Star Superman has dropped him down around the 30th-40th range on my charts.
    By the way speaking of balls…… All Star Superman comics and the movie SUCKED! 

  13. As someone who will slavenly buy every issue of Superman, and really has been down on this run, I actually liked this issue quite a bit. It’s certainly the best issue in “Grounded” so far (in that it’s the only good one).

  14. I’m glad I read this issue. But I’m sad that it took Roberson a whole issue to explain away a panel or two of JMS bullshit.

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