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  1. Not that I ever believed Mon-El was going to be ‘dead’ for long, knowing he’s on Robinson’s JLA roster kinda deflates the drama promised in the solicit. God, I hate advanced solicits. On the other hand, I like the cover. I also like the work CAFU is foing on the Captain Atom cofeature in Action. Who is this artist?

  2. Dropping Action and Supergirl really makes the gap between WoNK and Superman feel huge.

  3. This is barely relavent, but the new album ‘Desperate Living’ by Nintendocore group (think hardcore-ish music with an 8-bit keyboard) HORSE the Band has a song called "Science Police"; it may or may not be specifically about the DC law enforcement team, but the band has done comics related songs in the past ("Red Tornado" and "A Million Exploding Suns").

    Apologies for those who could care less.

  4. *relevant

  5. To be honest, I’m losing interest in the Mon-El storyline, which is sad because I like the character. 

  6. @PraxJarvin  Agreed.  I am quickly losing interest in the Codename: Patriot arc.  Though I’m not sure if it is a case of too many cooks in the kitchen.

  7. Okay, this issue was a nice rebound, even if I feel like I’m missing a chapter.Still, good read. 4/5 for me. I’ll be glad when the "Mon-El is dead" storyline is over.

  8. Either I forgot a lot from the last issue, or you need to be reading Action and/or Supergirl to understand this, because this issue made absolutely no sense to me.

  9. I don’t think this had anything to do with the Hunt for Reactron story in Action/Supergirl. I picked this up because I thought it was the next part of the story, but I was apparently wrong. Wasn’t too bad though, got me thinking maybe I should go back and pick up the issues I’ve skipped out on. I’m kinda interested in whats going to happen w/Zatara and the magic using gal whos name escapes me. 

  10. I think I missed something but it was still a decent issue.

  11. kind of a weak issue

  12. Come to think of it, I don’t even remember Mon-El "dying"

  13. @slockhart: Because all of the Superman books are connected, it’s probably smarter to read them all than not.

  14. @Ntpmcrtp The Hunt for Reactron story is only in Action Comics and Supergirl. While some story elements from that do carry over here, most of it has nothing to do with any other elements outside of the previous issues of Superman.


  15. Hoping someone can help…

    Who was the red-head at the end holding the frame and what’s her story?

    Either I don’t remember the previous issues or as my recollection goes we haven’t seen her yet in this storyline. I’m sure knowing Robinson it’s another Silver or Golden age character he’s pulling out and I’m also guessing she has something to do with the Legion because of "the future". 


  16. @soma I believe it is Sensor Girl from the Legion. Her husband was Val Armour/karate kid,  the guy with her in  the picture.

     loved this issue but was a little confused as to how/when Zatarra got captured. Have we seen anything of him since the ‘parasite’ attack at the theatre? 


  17. Average.

  18. I would drop this WAY before Supergirl!!


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