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  1. DC makes some of the worst decisions on cover treatments

  2. @cutty – Seconded.

    I don’t really know why I’m buying this.  The crossover is putting me to sleep.  I guess I’m hoping Black Lantern Kal-L will simply show up and eat everyone’s heart to make this worth my $2.99.  I think the primary problem I have with the crossover is that it is supposed to be tense (I think) and there is supposed to this underlying threat, but I’m not feeling the threat enough to feel the tension (or don’t understand what is happening well enough to decipher the magnitude of the threat).

  3. Does anyone know when the Superman/Supergirl cross over is happening/how long it’s lasting?

  4. @slockhart dont you mean the action/supergirlcrossover and 2months

  5. oh and right after this

  6. It’s Action and Supergirl?  That’s great, because I want to drop both.  Just made my day.

  7. Looking forward to this. It’s been a fun ride on the new status quo so far.

  8. Definitely droppin this after this crossover. Again.

  9. so negative

  10. I’m curious but not enthused.

  11. If this wasn’t only $3, I wouldn’t even buy it.

  12. @PraxJarvin  Glad to see someone else embracing the new status Quo.  I can only imagine what the big event for next year is going to be as they keep saying it will be the year of Superman. 

  13. So General Lane is the bad guy in this?  Does Lois have a role in it?

  14. These last two issues have made me feel guilty about defending this book so much…

  15. @ohcaroline: General Lane is the bad guy in all the Superman books at the moment. Lois is in it only a little bit, so far.

  16. Pretty good. 4/5 for me. Digging the new direction for for the Superbooks.

  17. Also… this isn’t a veiled Amethyst revival is it?

  18. Kind of a mediocre end to the crossover

  19. I wonder if we will see all out war.

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