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  1. Last issue definitely was the kick in the pants this series needed. Let’s see how things go this time around.

  2. This book has a bit of a slow build to it, but I have enjoyed every issue that Robinson has put out.

  3. Is that a big monkey on the cover? All I have to say is Fuck Yeah!!!

  4. I’m agreeing with everyone. The last issue of Superman was sheer brilliance, and it was very reinvigorating.

  5. i must be in the minority as this is my least favourite superman book at the moment. I’m only biuying it becuase of the numbering system across all the titles i think. Is that gorilla grodd? if so it may be interesting but at the mo this is not a book im looking forward to buying 🙁

  6. @Sammy – If you look at the comments on last month’s issue, I’m sure you’ll see you’re not in the minority. Superman is still my least favorite of all the "S" titles – by a large margin – but the last issue was a vast improvement, and if they can keep up that streak, that could change.

  7. I’d actually put this tied with Supergirl, below WoNK, and above Action.  Then again, other than WoNK and the Action Annual, I’ve only read the most recent issue of each, and the last Superman seemed more jump on point-y than Supergirl or Action did.

  8. For me, it would be like this:

    1- Superman

    2- World of New Krypton

    3- Supergirl

    4- Action Comics

    For some reason, action just doesn’t grab me. 

  9. 1. Supergirl

    2.  Superman

    3.  WoNK

    4.  Action

  10. For me it is:





    (Though the last two should be flip-flopped for last month) 

  11. Mon-El was a complete stranger for me, so it’s taking a while to get to know him, but that last issue was great. 

  12. 1. Supergirl

    2. Action

    3. WoNK

    4. Superman

    Although if this week’s Superman is as good as last week, it will shoot up that list.

  13. 1. Supergirl (not great, but consistently very good; and the best art of all four books, hands down).

    2. WoNK

    3. Superman

    4. Action (ranks behind Superman simply because Robinson has made Mon-El more compelling/interesting than Rucka has made Nightwing and Flamebird).

    for me.

  14. I just finished this. Wow… what a great issue. The Mon-El Travelouge worked so well. And Gueder’s art was fantastic as ever. I still can’t care about Samson as a villain, but a great issue other wise. 5/5 for me. The best Superman issue I’ve ever read. 

  15. This was the top of my stack (ordered least to most anticipated) and I only see Green Lantern as having a chance at beating this for PoW.  Amazing issue.

  16. for me

    joint 1 – Action and world of new Krypton

    2 – supergirl

    3 – superman

    I guess ill keep reading for at least a few more issues

  17. 1-Superman/Supergirl tie


    3-Action Comics

  18. Superman just shot up the list.

  19. This was really good.. and also kind of funny.  Internally, the travelogue (good word Prax Jarvin) worked great.  It also worked in another way, allowing Robinson to introduce his new JLA to readers.  I thought that was really smart. 

  20. I think Robo-Octo-Gorilla deserves his own solo comic!  That would be amazing!  I would subscribe from the day it started.  They would never do anything cool like that though.

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