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  1. Very excited about this one. 

  2. Action sucked ass last week. Talk about a cop out weak issue. This better be well….. better.

  3. agreed. im hoping this is going to be awesome!!

  4. I liked last issue of Action, but I will agree that it was missing something.  This one seems like it will be quite a gut punch

  5. I’m calling right here, right now.  Chris Kent is Nightwing.

  6. @Kory – Isn’t Chris Kent like 8 years old?

    This will be my last issue of Superman until Superman comes back in the book. 

    The Superman books & Batman line of books have been my main comics since I started reading them (A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away) so, these next few months of having neither of them will feel very odd to me.

  7. @wade phantom zone time fluccuations! or something.

  8. @Wade: Well this is DC we’re talking about.  They can easily find a way to age Chris to the appropriate age.  All it takes is one continuity punch.

  9. LOL Both good points. I’m still waiting for the Sons of Superman & Batman Worst Finest Sons issue.

  10. Superman is one book where I can always pick up an issue no matter what is happening and no matter who the writer is and enjoy it because it is Superman

  11.  Who is Chris Kent?  I didn’t start reading Superman again until the Braniac story before New Krypton started.  

    I will probably drop it again if something doesn’t happen soon.

  12. Kinda disappointed that Pablo Raimondi isn’t doing the art. I really enjoyed his art in X-Factor and hope he does some more DC work.

  13. @robbydzwonar:  He’s General Zod’s son who appeared in the Superman: Last Son story.

  14. I really really liked this issue.  Great artwork that really showed Sups carrying himself as a man that just doesn’t know what to do.  Strong contender for POTW.  Even the Origins & Omens was good!  Especially the little joke Robinson put in about stiff British accents 😛

    I am seriously considering still reading Superman so I can follow Mon-El…I mean, the second Kent cousin 😉

  15. It’s sad when I’m reading a book strictly for Mon-El! But so I am. Liked the origins and omens, though the main issue was a little weak.

  16. I wasn’t able to get this because my store ordered less than usual.  The owner said they’ve seen a drastic drop in readership since it was announced Superman was leaving the book.  That’s not very encouraging news.

    I’m still excited for the storyline though.

  17. Hmm. Chris had brown hair, but the new Nightwing has black hair.. which is why I *was* thinking it might be Kon, until they pretty much said it isn’t him during one of the NYCC panels.

  18. I like how Mon-el looks like an emo 20-something in the origins & omens backup.  I hope they give him skinny pants and a collection of hoodies >__<

  19. More. Set. Up.

  20. Origins and Omens in this issue may have been the best thing I read this week.  I really liked seeing Supes make his rounds saying goodbye as well. 

  21. Another bland, average Superman comic from Robinson. The art was worse than average though, it was horrible. I’d like to nominate page 6 as the worst page of comic art so far of 2009. The first 6 panels were basically the same picture, then the last panel was a silhouette! Add to that the whole "tension" of the page was of a character dying that we all knew wasn’t going to, & it was all around pointless page.

    Anyway, I’m done with this book for now.

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