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  1. Who is going to write this after Busiek?

  2. Keith Champagne writes the next issue and then James Robinson takes over with issue 677

  3. Anyone know Busiek’s "insanely huge next project" is???


    He did a great run on Superman, and I’ll probably drop the series after this issue.  Nice cover. 

  4. he is a part of that Trinity book from DC that’s supposed to be coming out weekly…  not sure if that’s what they are talking about…

    i’m new to his Superman, but i’m loving Astro City…  currently reading the 3rd trade…

  5. Busiek is writing the main story for TRINITY, the next DC weekly series.  That’s his next project.  James Robinson is the next regular writer on this book.  That’s when I’m going to start buying it again.

  6. @Conor – but this is the first of the Alex Ross covers!  And its #675!  I can’t pass this one up, even though I’m not really into Busiek’s story, the completest in me could NEVER not pick this one up.

  7. I’m really hoping for a poster of this cover. It’s easily the best Superman one since that movie prequels one and I wasn’t going to get that one just because it was a little too USA USA USA and I’m a filthy foreigner.

  8. Renato Guedes is one of my new favorite artists.

  9. Didn’t make it to the shop today, to pick up this book, but I intend to get it tomorrow. Especially since the average rating on this book is showing up as a 13, on my computer.

  10. I’ve changed my mind, I’m jumping on this title with the next issue, the one before Robinson, with the Superman/Alan Scott team-up story.

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