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  1. And here’s the debut of new art fella Renato Guedes. It’s just gorgeous and Kurt Busiek is writing up
    a storm. I just love his brainy, confident Superman as he takes on a long-neglected (justly, actually) JLA villain created by Busiek when he was about ten.

  2. Having no idea what this book was going to be about, I was super-psyched to get my hands on this one just due to the beautiful cover!  Unfortunately, I did not enjoy the book much.  The art of Guedes is very hit or miss in some of the panels.  As far as the Mon-El storyline goes, it has me scratching my head.

    The fight with Paragon looked good, but the whole Priest thing is not that interesting to me.  I’m hoping I get more explanation next issue, but that whole Daxam stuff lost me.

  3. Art was great … story very boring until Paragon appeared … does anyone else find Clark/Superman’s supporting cast very uninteresting?? .. Perry, Jimmy, Lois, the kid, I really don’t care what happens to them.

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