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  1. Busiek owns Superman. Can’t wait to see him start Trinity #0 w/ Bagley

  2. I agree Busiek rules, but I haven’t been a big fan of the Insect story line so far.  I hope this issue turns things around for me.

  3. Blech.  i’m a big Busiek fan, but i have not liked his work on Superman.  I think I just haven’t been too into the storylines.  Camelot seemed to last forever and would have random non-tie in issues in the middle. 

    I’ve also never been a fan of dialogue that is a challenge to read.  I like Bizarro, but I hate reading his dialgoue (me love Bizarro dialgoue).  Here, i ended up skiming most of the bug talk because I didn’t feel like deciphering it.  

    i’m hoping 675 well end this run with a bang and I’m looking forward to what the Robinson does with the series. 

  4. I agree! This bug storyline was awful. The queen dialogue was hard to read and i skipped most of it. I hope Busiek gets to go out with a bang and not a whimper. The ending was contrived and impossible to believe, EVEN with a suspension of disbelief…yuck! I’m all for sexy super villian chicks, but even the Insect Queens design was bad. Why an Insect Queen would have high heels I’ll never know…or breasts for that matter if you think about it….let’s hope we never see her again…and how DC is going to handle this kid i have no idea. I wonder if Mephisto can make an appearance in the DCU?

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