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Discover the origin of the new foes who have been making The Man of Steel’s life so painful and chaotic lately. What are their ties to the current ACTION COMICS epic?

Plus, Lois Lane uncovers a tragic secret from Superman’s past!

Breakdowns and cover by GEORGE PEREZ

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  1. Well I am not sure? I think I will stick it out with Action for awhile however; this maybe the last issue for Superman.


  2. I’m definitely going to finish this arc. I like this book, though. The art and story are consistently entertaining.

  3. If this the last part of this arc it is the make or break. Sad if Superman gets dropped over Birds of Prey.

  4. I can’t even remember if I bought #3 or not, and I am struggling to remember what happened. This book has been my biggest let down coming out of the new 52. There are a ton of quality books being published and this title is currently not among them.

  5. I missed issue 3 last month, but I swear I saw it last week my local shop. I didn’t get it then but If I see #3 there again tomorrow, I’ll buy it and this issue too.

  6. Awful. When is Perez off the title?

  7. I liked this one. We finally see that the three previous villains are related in some way and that explains those separate monster attacks. There’s a lot of supporting cast interaction here and I really enjoyed getting to know Clark’s friends and co-workers better. I know this book gets a lot of grief, but I enjoy the throwback writing style. To me Superman, is a classic superhero and it’s ok to present him in a classic manner. If you want hip then Grant Morrison’s over at Action; check him out on the first Wednesday of every month. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with Perez’ writing, it might not be your preference, but me? It’s comfort food. Not sexy, but it satisfies every time. And wouldn’t you like a big plate of meatloaf, mash potatoes, and peas right about now? Yum!

  8. Nope, just not liking this and I have been trying to hang on, now it is just like all of the old Superman comics before the reboot; gonna probably let them sit on the shelf till something really cool happens!!



  9. Not comfort food, not even snacky..I am thinking of dropping this book

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