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DOUBLE-SIZED FINALE to the best new comic in years as the first volume of Superior draws to a close and the creators promise is the best fight-scene they have ever achieved on the printed page. It’s Superior versus Abraxas in the middle of New York and thousands of innocent people dying every time someone throws a punch.

Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass) has already snapped up the rights for this book meaning Millar has yet another movie franchise he can boast about. Buy this now while it’s still cheap.

Plus: An exclusive 6-page lettered preview of the new Supercrooks series by Mark Millar and Leinil Yu, launching in January.

Story by Mark Millar
Art by Leinil Francis Yu
Cover by Leinil Francis Yu

Price: $4.99
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  1. FIRST volume. That’s hilarious…

    • I don’t get it, why is that hilarious?

    • I was just making a joke because all of his books (Nemesis, Wanted) say end of Vol. 1 in the last issue and so far, other than Kick-Ass, he’s never actually made a second volume. It just find it annoying, I don’t know why.

    • He’s only one man. He can’t continue writing all those series simultaneously.

    • It was just a joke people. My point being Millar puts the carrot of ‘end of vol.1’ on a stick but never lets us get a bite by actually continuing the series. Plus the ‘he’s only one man’ argument is ridiculous. I mean aren’t this and Kick-Ass the only two books he’s writing? He releases MAYBE a total of 15 issues of comics a year. Some years much less even. Guys like Bendis and Brubaker are writing several Marvel books PLUS creator owned stuff, and in Bendis’ case working on the Marvel movies! You’re telling me given his lax publishing schedule Millar can’t write a few books at once? Come on.

    • “Guys like Bendis…are writing several Marvel books PLUS creator owned stuff

      – Yeah? Like Scarlett?

    • Actually Scarlett has been done for several months. What are you talking about? I was referring to Brilliant. Issue two came out just last week…

    • You have invoked my displeasure and now you’re going to feel the weight of it. How dare you come into this forum and extrude your vile and disingenuously puerile rants against Millar, whilst lionizing that self-proclaimed “total sellout,” BMB? Since you so insolently ask what I’m talking about, here’s what I’m talking about, you self-aggrandizing, recalcitrant, smug little twit: my point is that although Millar is only putting out a book a month- according to your stats-I’d rather it be as such and have a quality book to read, rather than the banal tripe that I see BMB eructating and flatulating, simultaneously, en masse. BRILLIANT? Now, THAT’s hilarious.

    • I said several times, if you bothered to read all my comments here, that is was meant as a joke.

      I was only using Bendis as an example. If you don’t like him that’s fine. There are many other examples of writers putting out multiple books a month, mainstream and creator owned, on an actual schedule. Brubaker, Hickman, Snyder, Lemiere, the list goes on. If you don’t like Bendis that’s fine, I’m personally not reading a single Bendis book right now, it was just an example.

      I also don’t see how anything I said could be considered a rant. Point me to where I was ‘vile and disingenuous.’ Show me where I ‘lionized’ BMB. Where did these things happen? Don’t come on here and simply rant again, actually defend your point by showing me where in my comments I did these things.

      Also how did I self-aggrandize?

      And in reference to ‘my count’ I wasn’t trying to be numerically accurate, I was illustrating a point. But since you are hell bent on it lets do a count. 1 or 2 issues of Nemesis, 5 issues of Kick-Ass vol. 2, and maybe 3 issues of Superior. By ‘my count’ that’s a total of ten comics this year. Did I leave any out? Again, I’m illustrating a point. Try not to be too literal. Lot’s of writers put out great quality AND maintain a decent publishing schedule. But please refer to my second and third comments, my first statement was meant as a JOKE. I like Millar or I wouldn’t even be discussing this comic.

      Nothing I said was even overtly negative toward Millar, clearly I enjoy his writing or I wouldn’t be pulling this comic. What is your problem? Why even inject yourself into this discussion? Do you just enjoy being purely negative without offering any actual content or insight to a discussion? Do you need to rant to make yourself feel good? It’s pretty pathetic and childish that you can’t even begin to make an actual point and simply resort to name calling.

    • Honestly I regret even posting that. There is no point in even attempting to engage you in an actual discussion. All you do is put words in people mouths and draw erroneous conclusions. There is no logic or sense to your posts only negative, banal dirvel.

    • Is it ridiculous? This argument comes up alot when discussing creator workloads, especially when the books are late. The problem is that people assume that this is the ONLY thing that they’re doing, and how dare they not keep a tighter schedule.

      The fact of the matter, though, is that we have no idea about alot of things surrounding these creators. Yet that doesn’t stop us from making assumptions and judgments. So Kick-Ass and Superior are the only books of his at the moment that are being released? What about other projects that he’s working on simultaneously? He’s announced that he’s working on a project with Dave Gibbons, another with Frank Quitely, and a Hit-Girl spin-off with JRJr…all with a start date of 2012. Add that with other projects that he hasn’t yet announced PLUS his continued foray into film work…yeah…one man.

    • Okay everyone. Very sorry I made a JOKE. Millar’s schedule really doesn’t bother me. As I said above it is a minor annoyance, nothing more. I like his writing, like his comics, I am willing to wait for them. Again it was just a joke. Everything that followed was due to people refusing to accept my first comment as a JOKE. I thought it was okay to make a lighthearted comment on these boards. I didn’t realize Millar was sacred to so many people and infallible. I guess Millar having all these projects is somehow different than the other creators I listed and all the projects they have going on.

    • No one’s attacking you, chill the frick out.

    • Lol, did you read skydog’s over the top rant? Sensitivity issue there or something….

      anyway, I thought it was funny USPUNX.

    • Thank you @burritoclock! And to @comicbookchris is you think no one attacked me maybe you missed @skydog’s post.

    • @USPUNX: I didn’t think it was funny but the pointless nitpicking you just endured was even less funny

    • @edward: In retrospect it was more snarky that funny. Probably not worth saying at all. I’m actually rally excited to read this.

    • Nemesis Volume 2 is coming later this year.

      Who’s to say there won’t be a Superior Vol 2?

    • If I recall he also promised that Nemesis (or maybe it was Superior, I forget which) would ship on time every month. I’m a “I’ll believe it when I see it” kind of person when it comes to Millar. I hope it happens because I enjoyed that book but he has a LOT of projects in the works, and apparently he’s “only one man”, so we’ll see which ones actually happen this year.

      On a side note whatever happened to War Heros? Have there still only been 3 issues?

    • @uspunx.. i think that skydog was just experiencing a last straw moment (try not to hold it against him).. I imagine if this had been a different time and place he wouldnt have thought your comments such a big deal. Millar gets a disproportionately large amount of loud and obnoxious comments for his talent level on many different websites. So I think this was just a case of him taking other peoples comments out on you. I know cause ive dont it before.
      On another note Nemesis volume 2, supercrooks, and secret service are all coming out this year. You blame Millar but its pencilers that hold up books. Thats pretty much a fact. Yu is awesome but i think hes slow. Regardless of whos fault it is.. i read so many books that waiting is not even an issue for me. For example Im not bitching about Justice League 5. For Jim Lee ill wait happily.

    • Yeah it is the pencillers for sure. And I wasn’t really joking about the wait between each issue anyway, I was joking about second volumes being teased but not delivered. I understand he’s got a lot of new projects going on, my point was why not channel his energy into these promised second volumes rather than creating new series. Honestly either way I’m happy as a fan. All his Volume 1’s wrap up well so it’s not like you’re waiting on a cliffhanger ending or anything and I enjoy most of the things he’s done in the past several years. Aside from Kick-Ass volume 2 I have pretty much liked all of his recent series.

      Supercrooks looks pretty sweet from the preview in this issue of Superior. What’s the premise of Secret Service? I don’t know anything about it.

      In regard in Skydog, you could be right about it being pent up but honestly this isn’t the first time he’s freaked out with no provocation. He just seems like a reactionary, defensive individual. Unfortunately the internet is full of people like that. It’s just sad to see something that is so much fun and as enjoyable as comics dragged down into some stupid name calling argument for absolutely no reason. Some people don’t want to have discussions, they just want to argue. That’s why I said I regretted even responding to him, with some people they is just no reasoning with them.

    • Ya kick ass vol2 was definitely not as good as volume 1. Maybe thats your answer as to why he doesnt really do many volume 2’s or that he waits long to do them. Could be he just gets bored easily and he knows his work will not be up to par as a result. Ive seen a cover for secret service but Im the kind of person that tries not to read or watch previews too closely cause i want to be surprised (not a good person to ask). Ya ive never seen a skydog post before so maybe your right (he was definitely pissed off and over the top with you). On another note. Ive been to quite a few cons.. and Mark MIllar is the most polite comic pro that ive ever met … consequently ive got pissed at a few people myself that have been rude about him. One time i was out of line myself. I apologized though. Frankly your not one of them but there are a few people that deserve a good talking to though.

  2. All and all, this has been more entertaining than it is stupid – like all comics, really

  3. this is probably my favorite thing Millar has ever done thats creator owned. there’s just so much goddamn heart in this

  4. Go demonic monkey!

  5. SO excited to read this tonight!!!

  6. This was okay, not great. Pretty well done fight sequences. The last scene at the movie premier was GREAT. Loved it, perfect end to the series. What I didn’t like was the monkey/demon not realizing he would never be able to collect. I mean he even said early on in the issue “a body that can’t age or die under Earth’s yellow sun.” For a calculating 500 year old demon who is desperate not to be drug down into the deepest pit of Hell, that was a pretty big loop hole to miss. Regardless this was pretty cool. As @roivampire said, there’s just so much goddamn heart in this, its impossible not to like.

  7. This was a great story. I hope it isn’t ruined by a “Vol. 2” or anything.

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