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Who is Superior? Where did he come from? And who the hell is after him?!? MARK MILLAR (KICK-ASS, NEMESIS, CIVIL WAR) and LEINIL FRANCIS YU (SECRET INVASION, NEW AVENGERS) continue the non-stop excitement of their all-new super hero series. If you liked KICK-ASS and NEMESIS–do yourself the greatest favor you could ever do. Don’t miss SUPERIOR!

Written by MARK MILLAR
Pencils and Cover by LEINIL FRANCIS YU

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.6%
Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. This is frighteningly on-time for a Mark Millar book

  2. @mikeandzod21  You can thank Leinil Yu for that. They are saying that all six issues will be on time, which so far seems like it will be true.

  3. Been really digging this series…it’s probably been Millar’s best since Old Man Logan.

  4. @comicBOOKchris  I feel the same way. This is just really good comic booking

  5. Great so far, different from most recent Millar stuff and really fun to read.

  6. Nemesis is also out this week, right?

  7. This is good (on time!) millar!

  8. @NathanNicdao  Ha!

  9. @MisterJ : I got it on my reserve list on my LCS this week.

  10. Wow, just WOW.  Yu’s artwork on this is just incredible, I was just amazed at some of those cityscapes and the intricacies of the space station.  This issue definitely gets a 5/5 from me…and what’s up with the monkey!!??

  11. This feels like a standard cape story, but I think that is the point, and it’s very well done! Can’t wait to see what’s up with devil monkey!

  12. Nice twist at the end and I liked the revelation that at first people didn’t even see him yet all these amazing things were happening with no explanation.

  13. I just read Nemesis #4.

    Well, great montage-y issue. But it feels like a big jump from #2. Yu’s art is muddled on the Close-ups, but great with the wide shots.

  14. I liked this issue a lot .. but, I LOVED the last page =D

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