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  1. A Warren Ellis title that people aren’t all clamoring over?

  2. The preview for this came out a while ago, and it was very good. Nice high concept stuff from the reliably interesting, and technology obsessed Warren Ellis. Basically it seems to be a sci-fi commentary on our obsession with gods, heroes and supermen. Looking forward to it.

  3. [url=]Here[/url], is the ‘provocative’ cover. I like the font! 😉

  4. @MacAoidh – what kind of nails did they use?

  5. kryptonite?

  6. People don’t tend to clamor over Ellis’ Avatar stuff, which is a shame. This is kiiiind of part of a trilogy of superhero books by Warren, though I’m not sure if the trilogy idea came from the man himself or just fans. The other 2 books are Black Summer and No Hero. Looking forward to this.

  7. Can’t fucking wait!!!

  8. This should be good, but I learned my lesson from Ignition City. Tradewaiting this one.

  9. Ignition City wasn’t too late.  No Hero seemed to be pretty reasonable in it’s release dates as well.

  10. I will be trade-waiting this as well.  Oh Doktor Sleepless, I remember when you came out monthly.

  11. @notahiro I don’t know bro.  There was quite a distance between the last 3-4 issues.

  12. Regardless of lateness I think Avatar books generally read better in issues. No Hero, Crossed, Black Summer, Absolution and Chronicles of Wormwood have all usually had pretty good cliff hangers at the end of each issue and also tell a good story that can be read both alone and as part of a bigger story. My biggest problem is picking which cover to buy. They should release trades of all the covers for each of the series, I would buy that.

  13. Irredeemable is enough for me!

  14. Trade waiting, but this concept looks awesome.

  15. this doesn’t smell like an Avatar book

  16. I thought I posted about the delays… Hm.

    Anyway, as far as I know Avatar switched printers because of the frequent delays and unreliability, this then lead to the big 2 month gap until a fortnight ago. Hence, why I assume it no longer smells like an Avatar book!

  17. Most interesting Warren Ellis comic I’ve read in some time. Thank you, Internet Jesus.

  18. Awesomeness. 

  19. I thought this was pretty interesting, and definitely Ellis. I give this issue a 5, although I am a bit reluctant about the whole series, as we don’t really know a whole lot about what’s going on. Still, it’s Ellis and this issue was enough to sell me for a bit. Good stuff.

  20. I’m not a big Ellis fan, so I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this one.

  21. I’ve read some weird stuff but this was a very "what the fuck" comic. I like it.

  22. This was awesome.  Way better than i thought it would be, some of the tightest writing of Ellis in a while.

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