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  1. I’ll miss Jamal Igle, but I loves me some Sterling Gates.

  2. Awesome cover! Supergirl has been the surprise hit of the Superman reboot. And Gates has proven himself as a writer. Shame Igle’s not on art, but as long as we get him on the main book, it’s not a problem.

  3. Let us know if thisis a stand alone.

  4. @JJ Considering the other two annuals have been, I feel I can safely it’s going to be. However, despite being Stand alone stories, the other two have been important for the characters involved.

  5. DC is killing me with all these Superman annuals!!  There are Batman annuals right behind it.  shit

  6. @robbydzwonar: I know what you mean. It seems like each week thers a new one.

  7. Jumping on the Supergirl bandwagon.

  8. More answers on Superwoman…  Sucked in to buying another annual.

  9. Dude, I bought the Action annual, Secret Files for $5, and even the Superman annual about Mon-El which I wish I hadn’t!  They are raping my wallet with these annuals! 

    Now there are a whole slew of Batman related annuals coming next month along with a new Azrael series as well!  Christ DC, gimme a break once in a while.  I still have to read ASM, Irredeemable, Astro City, and all my Vertigo stuff too!  You know?  I’ve been pulling nine or 10 books every week lately!!

  10. @Robby: Uhm, you do know you’re allowed not to buy a comic right?

  11. This was alright. First story was forgettable, but the Superwoman story was good. 40 pages for $3.99, can’t complain.

  12. I like that Sterling Gates has Supergirl explore the consequences of her actions and decisions. Makes her a much more realistic and relateable character. Because of his fantastic handling of this character, I’m really looking forward to his Kid Flash and World’s Finest comics.

  13. I dug this.  Still amazed that I care about Supergirl as a character rather than a novelty sideshow.  Weird.

  14. @JumpingJupiter: Not if I wanna read it before it is sold out and then I get stuck paying shippin to order issues I missed on Ebay.  Screw that, rather just buy it on Wednesday and be done with it.

  15. I really enjoyed this issue especially the Superwoman story. It was nice to see Lucy Lane’s motivations on why she chose to become her.

  16. I can’t believe I am the ONLY one who reviewed Supergirl Annual #1 or made it my POTW!  Come on, guys! I know there are more people enjoying this book right now.  I think it’s the best of the Super-saps altogether.  Except for World Of New Krypton maybe, but definitely better than Superman and Action!

  17. I really enjoyed the Supergirl annual, I gave it a 5/5. I actually ended up liking the Superwoman origin more than the Supergirl lead story, but that’s quite all right. Awesome over all.

  18. This was great, great art, great stories. Im loving the super-verse right now.


  19. This is truly an awesome day for comic book collectors everywhere to know Superman’s cousin finally got another collectible Annual Comic Book hope I’ll get a chance to snatch me one.

  20. It sucked that they killed Superwoman so soon after her ID reveal.  So glad Superwoman is back.

  21. I am pleased that they are bringing Superwoman back.

  22. Evil09 is back!

  23. I don’t understand how she just grew a new adult-sized body right near where they blew her up!

  24. @ robbydzwonar: The suit remembered her most recent viable bio-status including DNA.  It just needed material.  You know, standard techno-suit history/clone cross-referencing.  Not just everybody gets a Black Lantern ring.  You need more Silver-Age cred for that.

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