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Between abductions, no chicken fingers in the cafeteria, and the killer robots, Supergirl has about had her fill of college. But before she can leave, first she has to save the kids of the Silk Pajama Society, stop the bad guy from unleashing his devastating plan upon the world, and attend one last orientation session!

Cover by RB SILVA and ROB LEAN

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  1. This is the only comic I’ve picked up every book in its run. I stuck it out when it was really bad (Kandor) an when it got better over the past few years. I wish this was as good as Batgirl was in her short run. However, at least it’s not the wreck that the Earth Angel Supergirl was.

  2. This last run has been great, been lovin the sorta resurgence by Chriscross in this too, great facial expressions.

  3. I’ve continued to pick up the last arc, the second issue was better than the first. Hopefully this one wraps up on a good note

  4. Funny and exciting wrap up of the storyline. However, as a final issue it was a disappointment. Hopefully, in either Action Comics, Justice League, or Teen Titans, a better send-off to the Super-family will be found.

  5. That was incredible, love Chriscross art, a great send-off.

  6. I can’t believe suprgirl is getting a redesign. First of all there’s nothing wrong with her the way she is now, and second of all the new costume makes her look like she’s from the sixties or something.

  7. I have to agree to disagree, nothing wrong with her now but I thin the new costume looks sick, love the collar on the cape with yellow outline all around it and the boots above and exposing the knee, don’t see the sixties in that aside from the high boots but not in design.

  8. I think not I thin! I hate typos!

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