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Continuing the new arc by the freshly minted creative team of writer James Peaty and artist Bernard Chang (WONDER WOMAN, SUPERMAN)! Someone has set his sights on killing the next generation of heroes, and his latest targets are Robin and Batgirl! Who is this new foe, and how is he connected to some of Superman’s deadliest foes? Supergirl had better find out fast, before it’s time for another Bat-related R.I.P. story!

Written by JAMES PEATY

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  1. I love the guest starring that going on with the teen heroes.  This looks like fun!!!

  2. Supergirl and Damian?  I’m in.

  3. ***Nick Spencer

  4. I like the idea of a team-up between Supergirl, Blue Beetle, Miss Martian etc. I think it’d make a great on-going….maybe I’ll right a letter

  5. Looks like an awesome arc.

  6. I’m down.  For now, anyway….

  7. It’ll be interesting to see how this holds up with someone else writing Spencer’s story. Make or break issue right here.

  8. What’s the word on this issue? Was I a fool to drop my preorder of this title when I learned that Nick Spencer wasn’t writing this arc anymore? Shouldn’t I have been so gunshy? A 3.9 average score isn’t too shabby. Anyone love or hate this? 

  9. I thought that it was really good, it felt like Spencer never left. The story is moving along nicely and Peaty really nailed Damian’s voice in the few pages he was in. If I were you, I would give it another shot.

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