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Special celebratory 50th issue! Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle reunite to tell an epic, oversized battle royale between the Girl of Steel and a mysterious, diabolical new foe! Still reeling from last issue’s harrowing events, Supergirl is put to the test when she uncovers a terrible secret about her friend and confidant, Lana Lang.

Plus! A look into a day in the life of the Girl of Steel written by Jake Black and Supergirl herself, actress Helen Slater!

Featuring a cover by the man who redefined Supergirl for the 21st century, Michael Turner, SUPERGIRL #50 is an extra-sized extravaganza you won’t want to miss!

Written by Sterling Gates, Helen Slater and Jake Black
Art by Jamal Igle, Jon Sibal and Cliff Chiang
Cover by Michael Turner
Variant cover by Joshua Middleton

Price: $4.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. My last issue for the time being.  I jumped back on as part of that iFanboy Skip Week Challenge and I’m so glad I did.  Sadly, I’ve got to drop because of all this crossover business coming up.

  2. My favorite of the 4 super-books hands down.  This has been outsanding!!!!

  3. Pricey.

  4. Not sure if I’m buying it or not.

  5. I’m not beat for the crossover crap either, but I buy it whenever else.

  6. Does DC just have a bunch of unused Turner supergirl art? or has that cover art been used else were or  is it converted from a sketch or other art?

  7. @WinTheWonderboy

    They explain it on the Don’t Miss Podcast.  It’s a pretty neat story, and I’m sure they tell it better than I could.

  8. I’ll have to look for the variant. I don’t care for the Turner emaciated Supergirl.

  9. @WinTheWonderboy

    Neat as in sad/touching, if that’s your thing. 

  10. I miss Michael Turner.

  11. I’m also dropping the book with this issue due to the number of crossovers it gets dragged into.

  12. Yeah, I just pick up the occasional issue that isn’t Continued from Superman Whatever or To be Concluded in Action Next Week.

  13. Still happy with all of the Superman books, I think Supergirl is really the best out there.  As long as Sterling Gates is on, so am I.

  14. Will this book be a standalone or be mixed in with cross-overs?

  15. It’s a stand alone book with a special back-up written by Helen Slator and jake Black with Cliff Chiang art.

    $4.99 is a touch expensive, but you’re getting a LOT of story and art for only a $1 more than some other books I won’t mention.

  16. I love Michael Turner’s Supergirl.  Stuck with every ish so far and I cannot say that about any other book.  I love the idea of Supergirl and she’s the most consistent Super character out there.  I’d think this is a GREAT hopping on point for anyone who’s curious.  

  17. Great book. 

  18. sentimental cover of the week.

  19. The Superwoman stuff toward the beginning confused me a little. I only read the epilogue to that arc, dropped this book during Hunt for Reactron, and forgot to pick it up for a month or two after that…

    I don’t know why it feels like I missed something…

    I mostly liked this issue.  A few pages in I was wondering what the hell they were doing, but after I accepted and went with it, I had a good time. 

  20. I didn’t know supergirl was an elf (based on the cover)

  21. Hrmmm. While I enjoyed this issue, it was probably one of the weakest of Gates run. It’s not so much that were was anything I didn’t like, it just a little flat to me. Again, not bad… just a little let down. I have to admit, I was disappointed Lana’s sickness was anything other than actual mortality. But alas. Still enjoyable. The back up was interesting, but I’m curious how much input Slater has as it seemed oddly in-tune with current Super-continuity. 4/5

  22. @Slackhart – Yeah, the Superwoman stuff doesn’t make much sense if you didn’t read the Supergirl Annual from last year.

  23. @praxjarvin I agree, I never felt for even a moment that Supergirl or Lana were in any danger, or that this problem wouldn’t be wrapped by the end of the issue.  This felt like a ‘Superman lost his powers?! Will he ever get them back?’ issue.  I still enjoyed it, and loved the art, but there was just no real drama for me, until the end at least between Lana and Kara.

  24. I loved this book from beginning to end.

  25. not the Cliff Chiang fix i wanted but good.

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