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  1. Silver Banshee has, in my opinion, the coolest design for an artist to play with of any Superman rogue. Everyone just makes her look so damn cool.

  2. Still sad there’s no Jamal Idle, but I love this book. Great stuff.

  3. Joshua Middleton has been killing it on these covers. Good, good stuff.

  4. @Roi  I agree completely.  It’s not like she’s super powerful, but she’s got a great costume and I think she’s pretty rad to play with as well.  There was another issue earlier this year with her that was pretty cool, but cannot remember what happened.  Glad she’s back.

  5. I Liked it, but i’m pretty nervous about Lana Lang…

  6. Wow… sorry to to see this series pulling a 3.8 on the site. I thought this issue was a 5/5. Really great stuff. Sterling Gates is quickly becoming one of the best DC writers. HIs revitalization of Supergirl has been one of the best things about the past year or so of comics for me. While I wish Igle was on this issue, Dagnino did a fantastic job. He captures Igle’s style while not sacrificing his own style. Great stuff. Love this book. 

  7. @praxjarvin I gave it a four, I didn’t really like the art, but this series continues to be one of my favorites.  And that ending was straight out of old school Action comics.  They should have put it on the cover with a bunch of cheesy dialogue and captions.  Excellent.

  8. I gotta say, I tried this book last month on a whim and i am still here this month. Good, engaging story and lovely art; and of course, superb Josh Middleton covers. I have loved that guy’s work ever since he did NYX, wish I knew where else he has done work…

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