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  1. i really wish this book hadn’t dived into this crossover so soon after Kara chose her guild

  2. @roi Good point, I totally forgot about that.  Still loving this book thoguh.

  3. And it dove into New Krypton right after she assumed a secret identity. I wish it wasn’t so tied into the other books, but I guess I can’t blame them.

  4. The best superbook going. I felt like last weeks Action Comics was a step up and I can only imagine this final chapter will be just as awesome.

  5. I think this crossover has been very "Meh". It almost seems like Supergirls been co-staring in her own book,

  6. Everybody’s knocking this crossover, but I think its been pretty satisfying(thats what she said).  I don’t have much point of reference though, because I only started my collect with New Krypton.

  7. Before I’m corrected, I started collecting all the super titles around the time of New Krypton.

  8. I’ve enjoyed my stime in the Superman universe, but I’m afraid I’ll be leaving with this issue. To be honest, I’m feeling a bit lost in my comics reading for the first time. I don’t really have any emotional attachment to the fight against Reactron or Kara and Thara’s feud or whatever. I’ll probably end up with the trades down the line, but I just can’t afford all the Supermadness right now. I’ll be making due with just WONK.

  9. I don’t even care what happens to Reactron anymore.  I’m skipping this issue.  Not sure when I’m coming back to Supergirl but ACTION and Superman are def gone.  World Of New Krypton is also hastily losing momentum as well.  I’m just not a big enough Super-anybody fan to read all these anyway.  Time to move on…

  10. I dig the crossover.

    And the covers Joshua Middleton has been doing for Supergirl are extremely good.

  11. I wish more people pulled this very deserving book.

  12. Even with all of the tie-ins to the various crossovers, I have been greatly enjoying this book.  A bit bummed that Igle has been pulled off the book for a couple of issues to work on something else.  I have my fingers crossed that he really is going to be returning with #50 (as noted on his blog when he first announced the art shift).

  13. This was a really strong finish to the crossover. It’s making me rethinking dropping them. I hate money.

  14. Man did it piss me off when Reactron went after Lois.  This crossover was great, and much better than Codename:Patriot in my opinion.

  15. This ended really well. And again it’s been a fun ride. Supergirl really is the gem of the Superman line right now. Excited to see where Kara goes from here. 4/5.

  16. I’m really bummed, my shop was sold out when I went in today (Thursday) which has never happened. Either that or they just didn’t order very many this week 🙁

  17. This was good stuff.

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