• “THE CULLING” continues here from this month’s TEEN TITANS ANNUAL #1 and leading into LEGION LOST #9!

• SUPERBOY vs. ROSE WILSON – round two!

• The shocking debut of the all-new WARBLADE!

Written by Scott Lobdell
Pencilled by RB Silva
Inked by Robeiro Leandro da Silva
Cover by Ian Churchill & Richard Horie

Price: $2.99
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beausephus05/10/12NoRead Review
beausephus05/10/12NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. I’m glad that this Culling event is going down in one month. I think the lead in with the annual was really great regardless of what Ron said. It’s really fulfilling my need for a team book in a way that JL just isn’t right now.

  2. consafo80 consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    Looks like I’ll be picking up I had dropped Superboy but thanks to the great Teen Titans annual I’ll be picking up this issue.

  3. I kind of hate all these crossover happening so close to one another I just finished JL Dark and I,Vampire.

  4. Yeah, that annual was a bit of a mess, as was the last issue of SB. Looking forward to the end of the Culling. Do not want to cull these titles.

  5. I think Superboy is done for me after the Culling. I will get my fix of him in Teen Titans. It was good but it’s just not keeping me anymore.

  6. I got the Superboy issue for the first time because of this crossover. Is the Legion Lost issue essential to the story? My comic shop didn’t order any issues of the book.

  7. I was looing forward to “the culling” but honestly I feel like it’s been horrible so far reading the annual and this book. I had already dropped superboy but I came back for the crossover that was a mistake. I’m probably gonna drop teen titans after the culling hopefully I can replace it with rav agers if it’s any good, I think the artist might be quality on that book

  8. I was shocked by how much I liked this. I was not at all impressed with the Annual last week, but Silva handled the clusterfuck of characters and super-busy setting much better than Booth, and the characters got a nice chance to shine. Very, very fun.

  9. I don’t think I care for Lobdell’s version of the Hunger Games.

  10. I really felt like this was a let down issue and I am hoping the last one for awhile for this title. Such a strong start to a title and then this mess of an issue that was hard to follow from Titans, Legionaires, Ravagers and all the other characters I did not really get the grip on this. I just knew Superboy had to make it out alive some how?? Just not a very good issue for this title.


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