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Superboy wants answers about his Kryptonian heritage, and he intends to track down Superman to get them – unfortunately, Supergirl’s going to find him first, and she’s horrified by what she sees!

Their encounter will leave her even more troubled by life on Earth, and leave him wondering why even his own people think he’s a monster!

Art by R.B. SILVA and ROB LEAN

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  1. Wicked! This title has excellent plot and story lines with very good artwork since the begining, this is going to be awesome until Supes shows up. They better go off world for this battle the Earth may get torn apart.


  2. I’ve not been reading this, but maybe I’ll start catching up digitally.

  3. The art team on this book has been a revelation! Any idea where R.B Silva came from?

    • go back and see if you can’t find the Jimmy olson back up from Cornell’s run on action comics by Nick Spencer and RB Silva. that book was great, it was later collected in one big issue

    • Man, that was a pretty book.

      Based solely on that Olsen book, I’ll bet Silva could do a killer JLI, if they turned it back into a comedy book.

  4. Droppin it. This issue seemed to suck worse than usual idk maybe it’s bc Lobdell only plotted the book an didn’t do the scripting this time? Well I’m still enjoying his other 2 books but this one always been the weakest of the 3 imho.

    • I saw Tom DeFalco’s name and was worried. Just like I’m worried about Legion Lost. I will read them with lowered expectations.

      This book is now on my chopping block along with Batgirl, Action Comics, Justice League, JLI, Stormwatch, and Voodoo. Quite a few, but those are the books I’m feeling pretty lukewarm about right now.

  5. Supergirl looked like a cross between Pam from Archer and a disgruntled transvestite.

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